Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This and That Tuesday

DH was on my nerves yesterday! mostly because he decided to camp out at his desk, in my office, most of the day, watching videos on his computer. One he was watching was our recent town council meeting. They mentioned some state notice about water rights that went out to all property owners and how everyone was confused and calling, even though it came with a pretty straightforward instructions/questionnaire type thing on if you needed to apply.  I went through the questionnaire steps and got to step 2 answer and it said no further action needed so I tossed it.  Seemed to have to do with irrigation rights or something and the use of over 35 gallons per minute (not us).

Anyhow DH got all in a little panic about what it might be and if it affects our land and ability to drill a water well. First off it's part of a subdivision. A well and a spot for the well has been approved/assigned. I  highly doubt this "water rights" thing has anything to do with it (rolling my eyes) but ok, I'll check. I found the notice and questionnaire online and printed it out so he could go through the question steps himself.  Then I found a nice little online brochure/pamphlet about water well drilling in our state for the prospective well owner. Pretty straightforward. It even says in bold words "be aware that most subdivisions that have been created in the past 2 decades have a specific well location where the well is required to be located".  You don't even need a permit to start drilling.

He's still unconvinced, so one of these days soon I will have to call the Dept of Nat. Resources and get the answer that yes, we can drill a well on the property we bought.

Over the weekend we had free premium movie channels (remember, I recently dropped HBO and Showtime) so I was happily able to watch the first 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. Of course they were so good...hopefully they'll be some other free way to watch in the near future, so I can get the rest of the season at some point.

Beings it was too hot to do anything outside we had to spend the weekend indoors so watched some movies. Some old one's we've seen before (like You've Got Mail and Fried Green Tomatoes) and a couple of new ones. Deepwater Horizon was ok, but seriously, can't they just hold the camera on a scene for more than a split second? Drives DH nuts to try to watch a movie where the camera shot is changing every second. Plus we had the volume up really loud and still had trouble hearing what was being said....not sure if we are just getting that old or what, LOL, but it seemed like they talked so fast/mumbled or in the Louisiana accents we just weren't catching it all.

We also watched Sea of Trees, which was on Amazon Prime (I share with DD). Kind of a depressing movie that took me awhile to get into. I almost changed it to watch something else.

The site work on our property got done last Wednesday, but we haven't received the bill for it yet. The guy has been busy with the forest fire nearby (he helps cut in roads into the fire) so he hasn't been able to get us the bill yet. I'd like to know for sure how much it ended up being! I don't like not knowing. Based on the time it took them DH is estimating $3000 at the most - this is almost half what another guy (brother in law of our friend) quoted him to do it.

Part of the driveway cut in ends up with a banked area near the house, which DH wants to put in a rock wall. Friday afternoon we drove to another town (it was about a 45 minute drive) to check out a rock landscaping place. Beautiful rocks, but way too pricey! $200 a ton! The estimate to rock what we'd need would be like $8,000- $10,000. Not happening.

Plus, DH had in mind something a bit more "natural" looking than this stuff, not so blocky looking. Though it did give us some ideas that we might like the flat rock for our back patio.  DH actually found what he was looking for near town, yesterday, he's just not sure if they have enough of it. He didn't get to talk to anyone at the little rock quarry (again, another one out helping with the wild fire) but I'm sure it's probably at least 75% cheaper, plus it's nearby and won't cost and arm and a leg to have delivered.

We contacted the engineer guy who drew up our house plans last Spring. We needed the house plans flipped (because of where we have to put our drainfield) and a couple of changed DH wanted on the shop. Plus, he's now doing the actual set of working plans for us. Turns out he had a car in the town car show we went to in early June and we didn't even know it was him. LOL. He lives in the city for us to pick them up from him. Since we are in no hurry to get them, he mentioned he will be at another car show south of the city about 30 miles on Saturday, so we might just take the drive there Saturday morning, pick up the plans and take in a car show.


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    1. DH plans to do the rock wall himself to save money. We would be in no rush to get it done so he could work on it a little at a time.