Sunday, April 30, 2017

Work and fun

Yesterday was a good day. Got lots done and also had some fun time. First thing I went into the little town grocery store and got the grocery shopping done. On my way back home I decided to try out the little coffee stand on the edge of town, near the truck stop. I was out of creamer and didn't have my coffee when I got up. It wasn't too bad, but $4 for small white mocha won't be in my regular splurges too often. Friday, after my eye exam we picked up some more shrubs to finish up the landscaping project. We wanted some interspersed in the rock garden (I like it much better now), some out in front of our porch and I also wanted two boxwoods in pots on each side, in front of our garage. Mission accomplished.

While we were outside planting we heard this very loud boom and then another smaller boom. DH figured it must have been a semi truck accident on the freeway nearby. Even a couple hours later we noticed vehicles going pretty slow in the spot we can see through to the freeway. We decided to take a walk with the dogs over to where we could see and sure enough there were towing truck stuff and a truck off the freeway. We were kind of making a loop on our walk back to our house and passed an elderly lady sweeping the parking lot of a business. We said hello and stopped to talk to her. Her hubby came out of the building a minute later. He's 83, she's 76 and they clean up the building on nights and weekends. Lots of energy this little old couple has and you can tell they like to keep busy. They were super sweet and we had a nice 15 minute or so conversation with them before we went around the corner and back to our house.

Then we decided to drive out to our property. DH took a detour along the way. He remembered a "creek road" (there are tons of them in these mountains) he had gone up to look at a firewood cutting job when he was like 14 years old. He found it easily enough and we kept on the dirt road. It was maintained for awhile, then not. But we kept going and then we were climbing up and up on a narrow winding road. Basically a logging road. We didn't go all the way up, but got to this spot at about 4000ft level and enjoyed the view

                                                        Can't complain, that's for sure.


  1. I wonder if Hubs and I will be passing nearby where you live on our way to Idaho this Summer. Nice view that's for sure....

  2. What a wonderful view. Aren't we lucky to live in such beautiful places? Anna

  3. That's a spectacular view. I like pictures from high places, but I would have to be sedated to drive or be driven that high. Keep the pictures coming.

    1. oh ya, I was not enjoying the drive towards the end at all! I've never been afraid of heights but it was freaking me out driving where the edge is so close. We didn't even go up as high as we could have. I told DH he's going to need a new adventure buddy and just show me the pics LOL