Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I thought it was Tuesday today

I had to look at my work calendar to see what day of the week it was! I guess it's better that I thought it was Tuesday rather than Thursday.

Well, I at least got an answer to my payables request. I received an email back from my boss this morning apologizing that she is so behind, but she had marked up my review with comments and this one was a definite yes, so go ahead and sign up for the service....and thank you for all you do.

Nothing mentioned about my review...........sigh.....

So, I'm trying to sign up for the dang service and it's a PITA just to get signed up. It wants principal owners info, date of birth, soc sec#, etc.  Ok, I have that. But then it uses his SS# to pull security questions that only he would know the answer to: "you have a mortgage through which company" and gives a multiple choice list. Bugger!

I emailed my boss back that this isn't a quick and easy sign up process and we can wait on this until she is back from her vacation (she's off next week) and figure it out. Or we can list her name and SS# and I can get the security answers from her (she is a partial owner). Hopefully we can just use that route and get this done quickly. Otherwise trying to sync up with a busy company owner is going to be who knows when.

We might be getting some landscaping rock delivered today. DH's friend (who now has our little dump trailer) is going to be getting us a load of chip rock and sounds like he might get it after he gets off work today (if he gets off at a decent time) and run it out to us. DH offered him dinner and a tank of gas :) I know DH is anxious to get to working some more on our yard. I think the plan is to go to that wholesale nursery with friend on Saturday and get the shrubs.

Our Dish satellite remote control goes through a set of batteries every 2-3 weeks! Annoying, not to mention expensive! I googled the problem and seems like it's a problem and those said they asked for a replacement remote and that fixed the problem, so I have requested one and hopefully that fixes it. I can see maybe replacing every couple of months, but not every couple of weeks. If we still have the problem, I will have to see about investing in some rechargeable batteries.


  1. Good deal! At least you got an answer to one of your questions! This will be a pain upfront, but will save time for you later. Maybe after her vacation, she will be ready for your review. We can hope! I need work done on my yard. Friend, J, is great in the house and offered to mow yard an pull up dastardly wisteria vines that tripped me! That is way too soon to replace batteries. I hope the replacement remote does not eat so many!

    1. we'll get the new payables service set up at some point and then I'll be glad we did :) That's great you have some yard help. New remote is on it's way and I sure hope it works better.

  2. Hmmm... After her vacation, she will even be busier. If I were you, I would inquire about the review after her vacation no matter how busy she is. After all, if the company did well last year and most people got raises, and if all these years you got raises, you should know what is the reason you are not getting a raise this time. Is it because you are working from home exclusively? Do they see it as a compromise? I would want to know. Feedback is important. Take care!

    1. she is always terribly busy, no matter what, sadly. She told me she is going on vacation with her daughter and that sadly all's she wants to do there is sleep and relax. I'm understanding if there is no raise because of the remote working, but I still think I should be given feedback, when they expect us to do a self review. But maybe they don't think of it as something that needs response back and it's just their tool to use. Anyhow, I'm glad I asked about the payables service and that we can implement it.