Monday, April 10, 2017

Cutting a small expense and shopping trip

I've just canceled my Netflix subscription again. Other than when I watched Longmire, after I joined again, I really haven't watched it much. A few movies here and there. Three of the past months were free, because I had received a $25 Netflix gift card for Christmas. Might as well have the $8 a month in my pocket rather than basically going to waste. I can put it toward the bedding set I'm saving for for the log bed. I still have Amazon Prime and it seems most movies we watch are through our satellite on demand anyway. I'm still taking advantage of a 6 month promotion for HBO and Showtime for $7.50 a month each and we do watch those quite often. When the 6 months is up this summer, I will probably only keep one of them....maybe. I'll see what DH thinks.

Late yesterday afternoon DH decided he wanted to go into the city and get some more yard supplies. He still needed more stakes for the edging (didn't buy enough the first time) and wanted to get some grass seed. We weren't sure what is good kind for this area of the country, so DH asked his friend - who put in 3 acres of grass. He'd know! DH texted him to see if he was home and we'd pick him up and he could go with us to the store (friend only lives about 15 minutes from city) he told us to buy it at, but friend was in the city, finishing up some activity with his family. We got to the store and couldn't find what he said to get. Then friend called and said he was passing by the store on his way home and did we want him to stop in and still help? Yes, please. LOL. He came in a minute later and after looking around with us remembered he apparently bought his grass seed at a different store. He said we needed one with high percentage of Kentucky Bluegrass and none of them had that, so then he said he had a bag left over at home we could have, so we ended up stopping at his house on our way home and just getting that.

But first we went over to Lowe's to get the stakes and see what they had for grass seed and some lawn fertilizer (for the lawn we do have). I just think it's not quite the season yet, which is probably why not much selection of grass seed. The nice part of living here, compared to where we lived before, if we were going to go from one store to the next, even if just a couple miles separated them, it would have taken 15 minutes to go those couple of miles. Here, in this "big city" it literally takes minutes.  Another good thing was this first store we were at (a feed/farm type store) has the dog food we use! I'm glad I decided to go check while we were there. They aren't listed online with the dog food company as selling it there. That will save some time in the future, being able to get it there. The only place we had found it was at a Tractor Supply store and that was about 15-20 minutes farther south of the city, in another smaller town. Not convenient, but we've been buying 2-3 bags at a time and each bag lasts us a month.

Our Lowe's purchase was about $70 and I always use my Lowe's credit card to save an additional 5%. Figure that $3.50 saved paid for part of the gas driving into the city. I logged into my Lowe's account this morning and paid off the charge.

Since it was dinner time when we were leaving the city we grabbed some burgers to go through the drive through. Always glad when I don't have to make dinner - two nights in a row ;)

This morning it's been snowing - not sticking, but still a sign winter is not over here yet. Probably won't put down any grass seed this week. We won't be going to that nursery for trees with our friend for at least a couple of weeks. He and his family are going to see his parents for a long weekend/Easter.


  1. Oh my goodness, still snowing. I don't think I ever knew which State you were in but uuurrrgh - almost Easter and still snowing. I feel sorry for you. Anna

  2. I feel your pain with the snow. Never did melt entirely and today everything is white again. Expecting 2-4 inches. Sigh.

  3. our snow has been all gone a couple of weeks, but we keep getting a little here and there, but it doesn't stick. It can't seem to make up it's mind whether it wants to snow, rain, sun, be 30 degrees or be 60 degrees. LOL