Wednesday, April 26, 2017


While, after 4 months or more of looking at it, our neighbor had finally taken away that old junk truck sitting up on a trailer out in front, within days he brought in another one, but this one he parked in his driveway (along with the other non drive-able truck he has parked there) and had mentioned to DH that he was bringing another one "temporarily" to get the parts off of it. Well, we all know what "temporary" can mean..... He ended up not even coming home this past weekend (and had taken his trailer with him when he left) but came back Monday night with just the trailer. He did park that out front, but at least it's low to the ground and we can look out our front window and see the view we are supposed to see. He picked up the rear ends and just moved them over to the other side of his front yard, LOL.

The wife apparently has not gotten her old job back and is now home every day. She's been putting their dog outside in their back yard tied up about once a day. All winter they kept him inside (a blue heeler dog). When he is tied up outside he will literally bark non-stop until they bring him back in. At first she was leaving him out there about 15-20 minutes. Then an hour. She put him out there yesterday at 4pm and he literally barked until 8pm, when she brought him back in. How does a person just think that is ok? I know it happens all the time, but how can you sit in your own house and listen to your own dog bark for 4 hours straight? 1. It would drive me nuts. 2. I would feel terrible that I was annoying someone else. I feel so bad for the dog. Anyone who knows about dogs knows those cattle dogs are super high energy, as well as smart, and they need to be exercised daily and have their brains kept busy.

Last night DH got a hold of the guy that still owns these vacant lots in this little "sub division". He still has 6 lots for sale and these first two houses were built 8 years ago, so he's been trying to sell a long time. Our previous owners had mentioned he wasn't happy with the condition of the renters place either, as he feels it might be hurting his ability to sell the lots. He lives a couple hours a way, so he's not seeing the condition on a regular basis. DH assumed he was also the one that wrote up the covenants for these properties and wanted to clarify the "we can't even wash our cars here" comment the renters made. We read that particular covenant as you cannot wash or repair your vehicle in the street, but you certainly can in your own driveway.

So, the guy (seems like a nice older retired gentleman) said no, it's just the street you aren't supposed to wash vehicles on. They didn't want people washing off a muddy work truck or something in the street or on the shoulder area. Makes perfect sense.

Of course, DH brought up the fact that the renter is breaking several other covenants that we aren't very happy with, especially as it is hurting our property value/investment and DH was wondering if this guy had ever spoken to the renter's property owner and how receptive she might be to us complaining to her. He said he has talked to her before and she "seemed" receptive and he actually had talked to her about it last August and she told him she planned to move them out and put her mom in the house. Obviously that never happened. More than likely it was just something to say to delay being complained at again for awhile.

Then the guy said that as the developer of this subdivision and since the lots have not all sold he would still be considered responsible for making sure the covenants are followed. He said he'll talk to his attorney today about it today. DH told him that we are also more than willing to join in, either through his attorney or our own attorney, to also be part of the complaint. He thought that was a very good idea to have her receive notification that two property owners are not happy with the covenants being violated. He said he'll see what his attorney says on what is best way to handle this. At the end of the conversation he said he also might just give the woman a call (she also lives a couple hours away) first and see where he gets with her. I would imagine he'd try that route first, so that it might save him some legal fees.

So, I think we'll probably get some resolution at some point. He wants to protect his investment too, as well as get these lots sold at some point. Our good friends who live about a half hour from us, the wife works at a law office in the city and they handle property matters, so if need be we will use someone in her office. I wouldn't think it would cost more than a few hundred dollars to have a letter written to the lady that owns the house.

Honestly, if it weren't for the renters and all their junk vehicles and parts (and now their dog) we would probably seriously consider staying right here and not building our house. It's a quiet area at the end of town. We love this little house.  But, after spending all those years at our old house, living next door to a junkyard and crappy neighbors we are not willing to go through that again.


  1. Happy to hear you are taking action! Is there also a noise ordnance in your area? A continuously barking dog may fall under something like that.

    1. We haven't checked on that yet. Hoping there is something. We just left for about a half hour to run to the town lumber store and get out of the car and hear him barking, so guessing she put him out when she saw we left. I CANNOT believe the grouchy old neighbor lady who seems to complain if we sneeze, doesn't have a problem with the barking dog LOL

  2. I know you don't want to hear this but you are making things way harder for yourself. If you wonder why the lady behind you across the alley is paranoid, this is only going to make it worse. I know you see it as protecting your investment but you are going to make your life very rough by pushing buttons. I am a small town girl and I get how small town people think. These people see you as an annoying city clicker and this behavior will only exacerbate that. You think they should be grateful that you moved there and ate supporting them and I don't think they see it this way.

    I know you disagree with me and that's fine. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings but I understand where all your neighbors are coming from.

  3. well, then I guess I'm glad I don't have to live next door to you LOL. As far as the old neighbor lady behind us, she's almost comical, really. We aren't doing a thing to her or her property. We mowed some weeds down in the alley and cleaned up some garbage (boards, wires, etc) that we had assumed our previous owner left in the alley, one hour, 7 months ago. DH apologized to her and we've left her side of the alley alone. We are landscaping our backyard. We are not noisy or intrusive. So, yes it is a bit annoying (and funny) what she is doing. I'm just sharing the things that have come up with her, as it's part of my daily life. I know she is not going to ever change.

    As far as the renters - well they are intrusive - with their kids playing on our property, denting my car, and their wrecking yard. Obviously they know it's wrong or they wouldn't have taken it all out for the previous owner before the day DH came to view the house and we bought it. Rules are rules, as far as covenants go. I bought a house that the neighborhood has some (very easy to abide by) covenants for a reason. We aren't having a fit every time the old lady or her son is outside on her property (she's not part of our subdivision) - who cares? We don't have kids or our dogs over at the neighbors house every day. (why the previous owners ended up putting up the fence) We aren't making noise or parking in the street (when I mean in the street I mean that literally, there is no paved shoulder area), nor have junk cars and parts parked in our front yard. We aren't out there at midnight or 1am banging around in our open garage taking parts off a junk car in the driveway. I don't know all what went on with the old owners but they keep saying the wife called the cops on them constantly. I'm guessing that summer months he's racing his mud trucks and since he's only home from 10pm to 6am, that's when he works on them in the summer, making all kind of racquet (the neighbor across from us alluded to it) and they'd call the cops because of the noise. So, pretty sure WE are not the problem here. We've been patient for 7 months and the guy is adding more junk - in fact he got home last night at 10pm and hooked up to his trailer and took it with him this morning, so that most likely means he's bringing another junk truck home tonight. We've been patient for 7 months on this issue and we're done. Fortunately the developer agrees and wants the covenants he created aided by, too. It's hard enough to sell a house in this area, I'm not going to take a hit to my investment because a renter wants to have a storage/junk yard.

    We keep to ourselves, keep our dogs quiet and obedient and try to be pleasant people. I don't think the town/county should be grateful I am adding to the economy of the town, but do find it ironic that they all cry and complain how there is no economy here, no jobs, and can't see the big picture. A couple moves in, pretty much quiet homebodies, who like to have their house and yard look nice and neat. OMG, that is terrible. LOL