Friday, April 7, 2017

Another raise inquiry

Speaking of (non) raises. DD texted me asking me what I thought would be a decent raise for her, when she reaches her 1 year anniversary with her employer, in June. They did not do a 6 months review, as they told her they would.

I said, well, I only really have the company I work for as as example, but, when we hire new college grads for an entry level type of job we start them out at just what DD got started out at - $40k.  BUT, usually after 6 month, sometimes a year, we bump them up quite nicely with one big raise. Usually $5-$10k, if they've proven themselves a valuable employee and are doing a good job. Sometimes we do $5k after the first 6 months and the other $5k at one year.  But usually by their first anniversary they are making $50k.

It will be interesting to see what comes about with her job. She is doing a great job - they tell her that all the time and have given her more responsibility and she is sole purchaser for one group. I would think if they want to keep her, they will realize they need to bump it up quite a bit. Someone with her degree and now experience would be able to find a job in that $50k range (where they live) no problem. I do know she is pretty dang bored with the job overall, so has seriously been considering looking for something more challenging, but she wanted to wait until she had at least a years experience post degree. If they don't give her a decent raise, I'm sure she will start looking in earnest. Since they live in a large metro area, she will have lots of  opportunity to find a different job.


  1. Surely, they know that praise and extra duties call for a raise so that a good employee does not start looking for something else. What degree does she hold? just curious.

    1. She has a degree in Operations Management with a minor in Supply Chain management. She's also studying to take some Operations Mgmt certification (on her own).

    2. Your DD and I have a common thing! I am a Business Adm. Graduate but started as a buyer. Now I am a Chief Operating Officer with a worldwide rec─▒gnized Supply Chain certificate, I obtained on my own. Having 28 plus years in workforce, I am also accepted as a Management Consultant. Tell her to branch out in SC. She should not be sucked into purchasing only. 3-4 years of doing that is sufficient. I branched into contract management and operations management. Wish her lots of luck.

    3. Good for you! She really wants to pursue the SC or be a project manager, which she would be great at because she is so organized. My boss would love to hire her and she'd love to go to work there as a project mgr (they make good money) but it would be over an hours drive each way for her and she could find something closer to her home, for sure, that will be good for her, too.

  2. That must be a hot job seekers market. Short of engineers IT, and a very few specific companies, $40 K is a very good/above average salary for just out of college. A 3% raise at 6 months, and maybe another 3% at a year would be seen as good compensation. Of course, higher salary markets often have higher living expenses.