Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend projects

Yesterday was a complete over do and I'm feeling it today. I only had to work a half day. It was a nice sunny warm 62 degrees out and DH was getting started on yard work/landscaping stuff. I went out to help and 4 or so hours later got done. We put in some plastic landscape edging around the house. Started loading up big rocks from the "rock garden" (I hate that thing) to clear some spaces for plants and a walkway through it.

I can barely move today. My back isn't good for that kind of stuff anymore and while my legs are sure feeling the pain from all the bending down and up, they will recover much more quickly than my back will. All day today I feel like my back is on the verge of going out. Can't over do it more. Of course DH wanted me to do some more today, but I'm not. I'll give it another day to heal and do some more tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning DH's friend is bringing over the fixed tire for our dump trailer (he picked it up for us after work one day last week). He and DH will get it put back on and then he will use his truck to haul it back to his house, with DH riding along. They will burn all the wood in it, as well as stuff friend needs to burn. I'll hang out here at home for most of the day and then head in to their place to have dinner with them and bring DH home. Since they are only about a 10-15 minute drive into the city from their place, I think I'll go into the city first to do a bit of shopping. I need some miscellaneous stuff. Address labels for work, running out of makeup and mascara. Stuff like that.

I'm starting to like Walmart free shipping better than Amazon. I can order just about anything and it's usually here in 3 days. Amazon free 2 day shipping is taking 7 days. I just ordered a box of food stuff, some vitamins and razor blades. Ordered on Tuesday and it was here Friday. I also have been needing a new pair of jeans and have just been putting it off because I haven't wanted to take the time to look for some and then try them on, blah blah. I ordered a pair of Walmart's Faded Glory brand to try for $10. I really like them. They have a bit of spandex in them, so are soft and comfy like my Jones New York jeans. Can't beat $10 either.


  1. Its funny I just picked up 2 pairs of the Faded Glory jeans today as a early birthday present to myself. They fit nice, don't have that mom jean look and they had them in faded and dark blue so I was thrilled. I have gone down a size and was tired of yanking up my pants constantly. I was actually able to find two shirts also! As for the house I didn't get anything done...but I did crochet...does that count


    1. I am wearing them right now and love them. They really do fit nice, like you say. I'm kind of in between sizes right now, so if I go the bigger size up I'm constantly yanking them up too! and the smaller size feels just a bit snug, but these have enough stretchyness in them to make them snug but comfortable to sit in, the waistband isn't digging into my stomach LOL. I got the medium wash color (that's all they had in stock) but now will be getting the faded and dark as soon as I can.