Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend update

Our good friend delivered the second load of rock yesterday morning. DH filled up his gas tank and then we took him out to breakfast. He's the one having marital problems, some of which he's creating himself ("chatting" via Facebook and texting with on old jr.high woman friend) and we told him as much. He agreed, but he's being stubborn because of all the crap his wife lies to him about (her money, credit debt, etc).

After breakfast he kindly came back to our house and helped DH put the rock where he wanted it. This load had to be put in wheel barrow (many times) and DH put most of it around the perimeter of our house. It took them maybe an hour and was a huge help to DH, that's for sure.  Then the two of them went out to our property. Now that the snow has melted they could see better for what earth moving they will be doing and DH wanted to get his opinion on stuff. We have some small new growth trees that will need to come out and friend needs more trees at his place so they dug several up, so friend could replant, rather than just have them cut down when we start the site work.

Since it was kinda rainy and I didn't feel like traipsing through the brushy property, I stayed home and cleaned house, got caught up on a couple of tv shows. Chatted with my DD a little bit. She adopted a cat, so she is busy with that this weekend. She found the one year old kitty on Craigslist. Had messaged with the lady to go pick  her up one night last week and 45 minutes before she was to pick her up the lady told her the cat wasn't available any longer. DD kind of pressed her for more info and turns out the lady decided to take her to a siamese cat rescue instead. So DD pressed her some more and got the contact info. Spent a couple days contacting the "crazy rescue cat lady" (as she called her LOL) and was able to get the cat Friday evening. A pretty gray, long haired kitty.  And I got my weekly call to my mom in. DH got home around 4pm, hadn't had lunch (though we had a big breakfast) so asked me for lunch at 4:10.  So then he didn't want dinner (yay me). I just had a bowl of cereal and later than evening he did too. Easy. I finished reading Frankenstein. Eh. I wasn't impressed at all. I guess I'm just not meant to read "classics".

The weather has been rainy and gloomy....and muddy! ugh. Tired of wiping muddy paws all day. Part of DH's work on the yard is to get rid of the dirty/muddy areas - hence the gravel and then we will be seeding with grass some other bare areas. The area on one side of our house is just a dirt strip - ripe for muddy paws. We've put the gravel along the side of the house. We will grass seed the rest, as well as some thuja trees along the fence line.

I've pretty much had a headache since I woke up Friday morning. Not sure what that is about. Just a dull headache. About the only thing on my to-do list today is run over to the town grocery store and get a few things I am almost out of.


  1. You didn't like Frankenstein? How awful for you. I loved it and have read it twice. But, then, as a voracious reader and English major, I did like it. What about it did you not like?

    1. I guess I just don't find reading a story written in the style they used to write and speak in back then enjoyable. It's like even the most basic of statements is so over dramaticized. Just not my style of what I like to read, I guess enjoy more contemporary reads