Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Following up on a suggestion

I've kind of given up expecting a review for this year, BUT, I did have a suggestion I had made in my self review that I would definitely like some feedback/approval on! It's been 2 1/2 months since I submitted it. It's in regards to our payables and our current method of online bill pay. While it saves time not having to print, sign, match up with invoices, put checks in envelopes, mail (and cost of stamps), and file the check stubs and corresponding paper work, it is duplicating bill entry, as I enter the bills in our accounting software and then basically have to re-enter the same info into our online bill pay with our bank.

Our accounting software offers a bill pay service and with the amount of checks we cut a month, would cost about $50 a month to use this service. We would more than make up for that cost in my time savings. Time that could be used towards activities to collect more money for our company.

So, this morning I emailed my boss that I wanted to follow up on my suggestion made in my self review. Is this something she thinks would be good to implement? (as I would need her approval to do so).  Maybe, that will also trigger her to give me an answer if I am going to get a review this year!
Regardless, I really would like to use this payables service and use my time on more productive work, rather than entering the bill info twice.

I'm still waiting to hear back. Keep you fingers crossed for me.


  1. I have a feeling that she will not only let you use the service, she will also tell you that she has completely forgotten about yr review and she will make up for it. Think positive!

  2. I agree with T'Pol - hopefully the suggestion reminder jars her memory for the annual review! Must be something going on in 2017...my DH still hasn't had his yearly review, and it's always been beginning of February for 14 years. Frustrating, because he's due a raise.

    1. It's frustrating huh? Ours has always been late January, maybe Feb. Plus, I know quite a few have already been done...and always have gotten something of a raise.