Friday, June 3, 2016


I'm so glad it's Friday. For a short work week, it sure didn't feel like it at all. Yesterday at the office was not exactly what I had planned to get done. We had the banker coming in to set up the little remote deposit machine/scanner. Apparently this was her first one to install, so a learning curve for her there. She had to install some software on my computer and of course that didn't quite go as planned, with her written out instructions her IT guy gave her. Then once finally installed, we tried a scan test and it wouldn't connect to the 3rd party program they use. Finally 2 hours later, I grabbed our superman IT guy and he, of course, had it working in like 5 minutes.  She was a super nice lady and I felt bad for her frustrations. Plus, I thought she was also going to give me info on how the online banking will link with our accounting software, but she didn't have that info yet, so I'm still waiting on that.

Our buyers, for our house, have decided to forego having a formal inspection done. Works for me! We already gave them a $6,000 allowance and our realtor had told them we weren't giving any more, if they wanted to make more demands after the inspection. It's being sold (and was priced accordingly) as is. Though not much is wrong, it does need a couple windows replaced and the roof is heading near the end of it's life (though DH regularly maintains it with moss control, etc). We did also just spend $1400 to have the crawl space underneath all fixed up and new plastic put down on the ground underneath, as it does still have to have an FHA inspection.

DD will be home this evening and spending the weekend. I'm so excited to have her the whole weekend. Her BF is busy doing some activities this weekend, in the area, so she's just going to stay here and hang out with us and DH can use her help on a few things in the shop. She's getting her neighbor to stop in her apartment a couple times a day and take care of the cat.  She has a busy day today though. She has to do her drug test for her new job and the place they are sending her to is like 45 minutes from their office - the other direction from where DD lives. So, she dropped her BF off at work (he works right next door to where she will be working) to save gas, and drove on down to the lab she has to go to. Then I think she will drive all the way back home, take care of some school business and then drive the hour south again to pick up her BF at work this afternoon and then they are going to an after work group early dinner get together with BF's co-workers. Eventually she will make it down here this evening. LOL.  She was also told by the HR guy that she talked to that when she gets the offer letter emailed to her (will be emailed by a different HR person) she should be happy to see that the salary is more than they told her. She doesn't have it yet, so not sure how much more, but good news, to be sure. Her new manager also emailed her yesterday, welcoming her to the team.

Black dog is doing better and only puked up that one day (like 4 times). Glad it was nothing serious and no trip to vet needed. Yellow dog finally ate his breakfast this morning. He's been leaving it this week and not eating until dinner time. He's so strange. Such a sensitive neurotic dog! I know he is sensing all our stress. Poor old pooch.

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