Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday is here

Things are starting to head in the right direction again, at least for today, LOL.  DH sold the hitch he had advertised on Craigslist for $150. Between that and the wood chipper we've got an extra $1250.....wish he'd try and sell a few more things ;)

Our realtor we used to do the offer on the land emailed me first thing this morning (he is ALWAYS right on top of everything) that he called the loan processor and let her know he's involved with this construction loan too, so he's pushing on them too. He said not to worry, it will all work. I'm still worrying, of course, but just a little less. It does always help to have people who know people.

I have another lender I have talked to this morning, got a lot of info from, and will be my backup plan, if this one doesn't work. Her

Here's something strange I'm still trying to figure out. I had called this other lender from my cell phone yesterday as I was leaving work. Got her voice mail so left her a message with my cell ph#. Was expecting a call all the way home and never got it.  She called our home#. I never ever gave her that number. When she called this morning (on my cell phone) I said sorry I missed your return call yesterday, but you called my home# and I had no idea how that happened. She said she just clicked on her phone to call me back and that's apparently where it dialed.  Weird!  Oh wait! I think I just realized how it happened. I had her email open on my phone via our Comcast email. I clicked on the link in the email with her phone number and it dialed, so apparently made it look like the call was coming from our home ph# (which is Comcast) instead of really using my cell # call. So that's the return # she saw on her phone. Ok, at least that mystery is solved. It was bugging me LOL

It's my half day and I'm going to get my grocery shopping done, as tomorrow we will be gone for DD's graduation. It starts at 9am, so we will have to leave the house before 6am (ugh). Afterwards we will go to lunch with her and BF and then head back home and should be back before dinner time. Long day for the doggies to be shut up in the house. We had hoped to have our good neighbor keep an eye on the house and maybe let the dogs out to pee, for us, because we are always watching his place for him, but no, he'll be gone tomorrow too.

We are still (barely) on track with our sales for this month to earn our mid year bonus. Plus, if we meet the goal they keep hinting at other good news. Which I think will be what they mentioned 6 months ago. If we met our goal they will be implementing more "remote from home" days for people. Which really doesn't affect me, since I already do that, haha. But great for the rest of the crew. I don't usually plan ahead at all for this money, but I sure could really really use it this time.

So, I follow our county sheriff's facebook page where often, it seems, they post surveillance photos or videos of someone their property crimes task force is looking for. The one today is of a woman pushing a cart through Walmart with a baby in the seat...she used a stolen credit card in the self checkout machine.  Which got me to thinking....why can't credit cards require a pin number to use them, just like debit cards? Wouldn't this cut down on the illegal use of them? I mean, if someone stole a credit card, but had to use a pin # to buy something at the store, well most likely they aren't going to know the pin and the card would be pretty useless, right? I  have a Target store credit card and they sent me a new one with a chip and I have to use a pin number with it now.

If I can get through the day with no more speed bumps, I'll be content.


  1. I don't see how real estate people live all the time with these kind of complications in their clients efforts to buy and sell homes or other property. It's maddening to just be involved once in a great while. I think real estate agents deserve every penny they get even if it does hurt to give them a big chunk of the sale price.

  2. Here in Canada we have to input a pin to use our credit cards. I thought the US was moving that way too.

    1. I'm from Canada too. If they used the tap on the credit card they wouldn't need the pin. I also thought this was used in the US

  3. I'm keeping my fingers cross for you for the construction loan and the bonus!!

  4. Using the PIN both for credit cards and debit cards has been mandatory ever since we started using chip cards in Turkey during the last 6 years. Each time I visit the US, it amazes me how the card is just easily accepted. In some places they at least ask for an ID. In other places they don't. I find that pretty scary so I cling to my cards very carefully while visiting. At the end of August, we shall be visiting Italy. We'll see how they do it there.