Monday, June 6, 2016

Hitting the week at a run

Starting the week off with lots to do. We finally received the cost breakdown on building our home from the builder, so all that info was emailed to our mortgage lady first thing this morning. We are cutting it close, because she said it takes 45 days to process and we need it processed by same time we close sale of our house, so we can purchase land/start construction. We finally had to tell the builder we need this info NOW! Usually she emails me back right away - figures that with the most important stuff I finally get to her and I don't hear boo back from her. Sigh....Then I had to schedule our septic to be pumped and inspected. Would have been really nice to know that is going to be so damn expensive. I was estimating about $400 (based on what the first realtor we had talked to said and what we have paid to have it pumped before).'s going to be like $900. $400 to pump (plus sales tax), $129 for the inspection, $65 for some report, $250 for a county fee and if I had wanted them to set up the county "account application" it would have been another $40. Thankfully, the septic lady said I could do it myself and it only took me a matter of minutes.  Then I called our water well lady.....some of you long time readers might remember her. LOL....quite an older lady (like 83 now) who drives me insane. I needed to get a copy of whatever report she would have gotten when she had to have her annual testing last done. Amazingly, she had the capability to scan and email to me (better than my mom could do!), but what she scanned me is just a receipt from the water testing lab, showing she paid for the testing to be done. I need something that shows that the testing was ok/passed.  If I have to go through the county, they apparently want $150 to pull up this document for me! Seriously? So, I emailed her back and hopefully she will have what I am looking for. They must have had to give her some kind of report to submit to the county health department that all was ok. If she can't figure it out, I will try calling the testing lab, to see if I can get a copy directly from them.  Then I had to call the attorney handling our lien, to update him we have accepted an offer on the sale of the house and that (thankfully) the closing date is about a week or so after the court date he told me.  He left me a message back that all is good - we are on the docket, he is taking care of it.

On a good note, DH did finally decided to sell our DR Chipper. We bought it probably 4 years ago (like new) for $1000 (it's like $2400 new). Not that we needed to use it a a lot, but we had several big wind storms over those years and sure made clean up very easy, since we can't burn the stuff. He won't need one, where we are going. He'll be able to burn brush and branches. So he advertised it late Friday night and sold it by Saturday night, for $1100.....but earlier that day, when he pulled it out and went to start it the battery had died, so $84 had to go toward a new battery. Still made $16 on it, when all is said and done. LOL. And one less thing to move to new home.  He also has a truck hitch advertised for like $150, but not counting on that selling. He tried to sell it before and no luck.

I had a great weekend spending time with DD. Saturday we went shopping for some new work wardrobe clothes for her. I had told her I planned to give her $200 cash as a graduation gift, so I could either give her that to do with what she wanted or I'd just pay for her clothes that day. She did really well picking stuff out. Got 2 dress slacks, a blazer, a dress, 5 tops, and 2 pair of shoes for $185. For the remaining $15 she bought a hand mixer for baking cookies, etc. She's tired of stirring by hand. It was a fun shopping day. She starts her new job a week from today. Very exciting to be sure.

She got a starting salary of $40,500, so with the $67,000 a year her boyfriend makes, they will be in great shape financially.  Her benefits/health insurance won't start until Sept 1st, so I told her I'd pay for her July (still keeping her on ours until Sept 1st, of course) premium and she could reimburse me for August, since she'll have a month and a half of paychecks by then. That's $120. She also has to start reimbursing me for her car insurance, if she wants to stay on our plan, and I just checked on that and it's $43 a month to have her on. That puts my monthly auto insurance down to $73 a month. In my "future" budget, I had budgeted $100, so extra $$. I'm also hoping our auto insurance might even be a bit cheaper where we will be living. Like 4000 people in the whole county compared to 4000 people in a square mile here.....would think that would make rates cheaper, less chance of accident.  In addition, I am done having to give her $100 towards her college living expenses, not paying her annual car tabs anymore and various other the $80 I just spent for her to go for a doctor visit. I'm also cancelling Netflix later this month, when the next month is due. That will be like $10 a month. We still have Amazon Prime to use. The only Netflix original I will really miss having is the show "Longmire".

I haven't quite taken the time to try to estimate our monthly expenses while we are building the home. We'll have monthly interest payments on the construction loan and if we go with our plan to buy a used camper trailer, we won't have any monthly rent payments. We'll have to have the phone service hooked up, so I can get the internet too. We'll see if we can live without satellite tv while "camping" during the building process and just wait and get it when we move into the house. I do have my "after house is done" budget all done up/estimated. I have my net income shown to not include a bonus. Our regular monthly expenses, plus averaging in some annual expenses, total $2323, including budgeting for state income tax.  That leaves almost $4000 leftover and I am budgeting making a $2750 a month house payment (to stay on track for paying off by retirement age). That leaves me a $1250 a month "cushion", as well as any bonus I get from work (most likely). I think we'll be ok.  Plus, I have a feeling I will be able to make an extra couple hundred a month from my side job, since I'll have a good 7-8 hours a week freed up, not commuting to work, like I do now. I'm pretty sure they'd jump at the chance to get some more work done.

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