Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's Wednesday, already

A few good things yesterday.

1) Took my mom to have her first eye done with cataract surgery. Easy peasy, all went fine.

2) We passed our sales goal at work - mid year bonus will be coming soon.

3) DH's Crestor medication finally went generic. I had asked the pharmacist assistant about it the other day when I picked up my prescriptions and she told me it had gone generic, but with only one generic mfg so far, the price had barely gone down. I was disappointed, but after I got home I went online with DH's insurance plan to see what they would cover on it, for generic. 100%. I picked up his refill yesterday and was sure nice to see those ZERO's on the receipt! I was paying $170 a month.

Other than that nothing has really changed in our selling/moving situation. We had an alternate plan kind of worked out, over the weekend, and then Monday afternoon, the last bank I had called last Tuesday (who acted like he could do the loan) finally called me back. I never heard back from him the rest of the week (even with emails and messages) so had given up on him. Well, he was all like "I really think we can do this. I know you keep hearing that from lenders, but we are small and do manual underwriting and I think we can do this. I have to go over it all with my underwriter and I'll call you in the morning". Of course I got no call yesterday morning......or at all for that matter. So, he's still leaving me hanging.  The original lender said she would have an answer for me Monday, because she was having her underwriter run it through their's Wednesday morning and no word from her, either.

So, here's our alternate plan, since we have to wait until our BK has been past 7 years (we are 5 1/2 years). We still want the property and to build. We found a small older house for sale in town (this is a super small town, 600 people). It's a nice home, doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it or needing any repairs. A little under 1500 sf and has a detached garage/shop almost same size as what we currently have. Hardwood floors, fenced small yard (good for dogs). They are asking $125,000, been for sale for over a year. Our realtor over there says properties in the rural areas stay for sale for a long time, there just isn't much of a buyer pool.

We could buy this home (go FHA) and also the property. We'd have a very small house payment, and a small land payment (after we put our home proceeds down on both), somewhere to live for the next year and a half to 2 years, can save a bunch more money towards the construction loan down payment, until we could get the construction loan and build. Then when our house is built, we could rent out the house in town and cover the cost of it.......and some day when we are old and don't want the upkeep of a big house and 2 acres, we can sell it and move to our little in town house, haha.

Seems like a good plan. At least the people I trust to give me good advice think it is too.

We just want to be able to make a dang decision and everyone just keeps me hanging, not doing their job. Our realtor over there can't even get the listing agent of this little house in town to answer him some questions we have! Good grief - the house has been on market over a year, you have someone asking some questions about it, jump on it. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm going to throw up (and sometimes I actually do). This is all beyond ridiculous.


  1. I have been following along for some time now and just wanted to say that despite how difficult this has been I admire your strength. It now sounds as if you have come up with another plan that also has a retirement back up for you. Good luck. Babs

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I'm trying to be strong, but I'm about to fail at it. I sat at my desk with tears running out my eyes this morning. I don't even know what to do, when you can't even get someone to return a call or reply to an email.

  2. This sounds like a decent backup plan.
    I can't believe all the idiots that you
    have been dealing with. I hate it when
    people simply don't do their jobs. No
    excuse for laziness.
    Stay strong!

    1. We are really liking the plan, but I can't even get someone to get back to me on if we can do that plan or not. So frustrated.