Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another rough day

Another frustrating day, that ended a lot better than it started, at least. When I started work at my desk here at home at 7am this morning, I had hoped to shortly see the email from the new lender with instructions on what they needed from me and where to upload docs, etc. Or at least hoped to see it before I left for the office at 8:30, especially since it's an hour later at lenders. But nope. I was smart enough to figure the email would come while I'm on my way to work, so I copied all the docs to a thumb drive, so I could send them to her from work. Sure enough, I walk out the door and she sends the email.

When I get to work I emailed all the documents and then get an email back that her loan processor is out until Tuesday. Well, she couldn't have told me that when I talked to her yesterday? that I was now going to have to wait almost another week to find out if we are even approved. This first lender really screwed with our timeline, that's for sure, and now we are really pushing to get this construction loan done by the end of July, when our sale is supposed to close and we are supposed to close on land.

I then emailed our realtor that did the land offer for us, because he needs to know this info too, regarding our financing and told him I'm trying the lender the builder uses most of the time and he asked if it was X Bank and I said it was. He said he works a lot with the loan processor in the branch near his office.

So I emailed lender again before I left work today and again explained our situation and asked her if there was any way to at least expedite the approval process, so I don't waste another week. She called me on my way home and said because of her relationship with our builder, she was going to get this processed asap and they might have a good chance of getting it done by end of July, or at least pretty close.  I tell her thank you, I appreciate if very much.

Then about 15 minutes later she emails me that she is forwarding our application to the same processor in the other branch, that our realtor uses. Hmm...I think....our realtor probably has some pull to put in a word too, now.  I emailed him as soon as I got home and he said - definitely! she is his go to gal for mortgages and he will call her first thing tomorrow morning. He said he feels confident this will all get gone and within our time crunch.

As I'm dealing with that we are now 10 days into sale of our home and no FHA inspection or appraisal has even been ordered yet (they apparently decided to forego a formal inspection, but our realtor said she would have preferred their realtor put that formally in writing, rather than just ignore it and let the deadline come and go.) And we are supposed to pay $900 for the septic pumping, inspection and county fees, before we even know if FHA will approve this for them. Last Saturday the buyers took off for Mexico for 3 weeks.......their lender has emailed them, this week, to sign the doc for the inspection to be ordered but no one knows if they will see it before they get back or not. Kinda pissing us off. We had a terrible experience trying to sell our home to someone that wanted to finance FHA and even though it was 23 years ago, it's still a nightmare fresh in our minds. Once the inspection and appraisal are done, we'd feel A LOT more confident with this sale.  Anyhow, my realtor said she wanted to change our sale status from "pending" to "pending backup" which apparently means someone else could now come and look and make an offer.   So now I gotta have the place spotless again, just in case.

When I got home, DH finally had received some good news. An old friend of his, that he grew up with in the area we are moving to, told him he has a nice 38ft camper trailer not being used and we are welcome to borrow it while our house is being built. OMG! that is a very amazing and generous offer. That really helps us out so much and with the extra we now have to put on the down payment (that we were going to use to buy a used camper and then re-sell) we don't have to figure out how to come up with more money for the camper. We were very happy to accept his offer and in true DH fashion - anything he ever borrows, even a tool, will be given back in better shape than he got it.

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