Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Leaks everywhere

What a hectic few days it has been. Mostly of our own doing, sadly. DH decided to replace the almost 10 year old hot water heater on Monday (first, don't do this on a holiday). He's never put in a water heater before, his dad replaced ours 10 years ago. It shouldn't be too hard. It's electric - just hook up the 2 lines that go into the top, basically. Except when he did that they leaked. 3 more trips to the hardware store (at least they were open all day) and still he couldn't fix it and still they couldn't advise me on what would fix it.

So,  yesterday morning the mobile home parts place we have used for years and years was open at 7:30am, so I was there when they open to see if they had 2 tiny little plastic rings that fit inside the fitting to help seal. Thankfully they did. I headed back home, those little buggers did the trick, and then I was off to work at the office.

DH had decided to have someone come out to check out the crawl space underneath our mfg home. He knew some of the insulation was coming loose and the barrier cloth torn in some areas and should probably be fixed before the inspection. Well, the guys get under there and notice a water leak! It's at the end of the house where our guest bathroom is. Apparently, when our cat got trapped under there a few weeks ago (did I tell that story?) he damaged the water line. Well, of course that has to be fixed, as well as their estimate to fix everything under the house is $1400! GRRR! This also included taking out and replacing the layer of plastic on the ground, as apparently it's only 4ml and that won't pass inspection. So, it has to be done. Chink chink away at my proceeds :/

The water heater didn't leak all day, but get this. While waiting for me to get home (I left work early , again..grrr) with the couplers and hose clamps I stopped to get, to try and fix the leak under house, DH goes and takes a hose clamp off the water heater he just fixed that morning. Seriously?!! Of course, when he went to put one back on it, he spent another hour trying to get that to stop leaking again.

DH has worked on our new french doors over and over. Does our house really change how it is settled that often, with the weather?. It gets all tight to shut easily, he fixes it and a few days later it's doing it again.

The title company just emailed me a boatload of paperwork to fill out. There are so many papers attached, I just closed it and will look at it later today. Feeling too overwhelmed with so much to do all at once, it seems.....while the buyers take off for a 3 week vacation LOL.

It's looking a bit iffy if we will make our company sales goal by the end of this month and get our mid year bonus. I'm not sure why (I haven't asked my boss) but our goal seems to keep going up! I thought it was $43million by 6/30 and now it appears to be $45 million. I don't know if it's because we added some lines we rep and they added that into the quota or what. We'll probably squeak it out, like we always do.

Speaking of work - I accidentally reimbursed one of our employees twice for his monthly expense report. We have a new system where they submit their receipts online and it generates a report. Some of them are set up for this system to direct pay them into their bank account. Some haven't signed up for that part and still get a company check. Well, this particular employee was signed up for the direct pay, but when expense checks were to be cut, there were a few who got them in late and my boss had sent me and email to please cut checks for 3 people, including this guy. I didn't catch/remember that he is set up on direct pay. So he got the direct pay deposit, plus he got a check. He's been on the direct pay for like the last 3 months now, so when he got the company check he should have said "oh. hey....I'm signed up for direct pay, not checks", don't you think?

I just realized it when I was reconciling our bank account and was off by this amount. Boss emails him about it and now he's all freaked out because he doesn't have the money to pay it back all at once. He spent it. UMMMMMM....ok I realize I goofed, but seriously how do you not know you suddenly have an extra $3000 to spend? And if he is that short on money each month (yes, I know he is) then especially how do you not realized you just got an extra $3k? Plus, he had gone on a business trip and decided to spend some extra personal time there, so we billed him for the extra hotel nights (it was like an $800 bill) and he was like "oh, I have to pay that too?".  Well, ya....the company is not paying for your personal vacation. I'm sorry I goofed, but I think he has some responsibility here in this too.

And still nothing from the builder that we need to submit to our bank to get this construction loan process going.


  1. Did you use Teflon tape that plumbers use? If not, get it and have someone explain how to use it. Basically, you wrap some around the male end threads and screw on the female part.