Sunday, June 12, 2016

Graduated and our new neighbor

DD is graduated! Can I just say that I hate graduation ceremonies? I'm sure that makes me a terrible person and even worse parent, but dang - sitting there listening to over 1000 names (and that was just half the graduates, the rest had an afternoon ceremony), one after the other, is so boring. Even being so proud of is so darn boring. LOL. Gradations top the list of events I hate to go to....then it's funerals and weddings.   Anyhow it's a done deal and we couldn't be more proud of our daughter. She is amazing.

We had to get up at 5am and leave before 6am to make it in time for a 9am ceremony, which took until almost noon to complete. Then we took her and her BF out to lunch to celebrate. The waiter was so cute - obviously a college student himself. He asked if she just graduated and gave congrats. Then when he took her order and she just ordered water, he said "no celebratory drink?" and she said no, I'm only 20. His jaw dropped, LOL. He was like that is amazing.....I'm still like a 8th year freshman. Then later he was asking her if she had any other celebration plans for the weekend and she said not really and I piped up "she has to start her new job on Monday" and then his jaw even dropped more. He was so funny.

We got home around 4:30. Poor dogs! had to stay in the house all that time. I was really expecting an accident or two. We never leave them for any length of time like that. I had planned on having our good neighbor come over and let them out, but he had plans to be gone all day too.

We (or rather DH) got to meet the new renter at slumlandords place on Friday night, well after midnight. A charming old gentleman, who proceeded to compliment DH on his manhood. The brother in law of the previous renter is still living there, and the traffic of customers that come for minutes and leave continues (they call them "visitors"). And then apparently two days ago the old guy that slumlandord has been saying is the one going to live there by himself, moved in and BIL is still there. Obviously the brother in law of the old renter is a big part of the drug dealing, as nothing has changed. Still cars in and out all night, still turn down our road and turn off their lights. So DH had been calling slumlandord almost every night, complaining. Figures if we have to deal with it, so will he. He has been going down there and finding out who is hanging out and getting rid of them (so he says) and keeps saying the brother in law of old renter is leaving in a day or two (been saying that for 2 weeks now). So after numerous traffic Friday night, in comes yet another car (though I think this one had made more than one trip in and out Friday evening). DH calls slumlandord neighbor and he and another guy start to walk down to renters, just then the car that had arrived 5 minutes earlier is pulling out. Slumlandord stops it to talk and see who it is. It's the resident neighborhood 40 years old drug addict lady, who stays wherever she can, because her parents down the road kicked her out. DH had gone out there and was standing on our side of fence, along road - basically just as back up to slumlandord (and to see who it was). DH had said nothing this whole time and as the car is pulling away here comes walking down the street from the renters house the new tenant. Obviously  high or drunk and says to slumlandord "what's this dick's problem?" meaning DH. He then went on a rant at DH. DH had more than enough and said well, lets just all stay here and the sheriff can figure it out. I called sheriff and of course they all took off. Sheriff came about 15 minutes later - 4 or 5 of them. Right then our good neighbor happened to be coming home from a date, so that was kind of timely. He was able to also tell the deputies and sergeant that this is all every day/every night goings on around here continue.

While we were waiting for the sheriff I went back into the house and called slumlandord on his cell phone. I was about in tears and said "this has been going on for 3 years. 3 years of cars, people walking and people on bikes going in and out all night long, Every. Single. Night. Can we just get ONE night of peace and quiet? Is that too much to ask?" He made all his usual excuses..well, they are allowed to have visitors. I said those aren't visitors. Visitors come and stay for awhile. These all come for 2 minutes and leave and every single one of them are drug addicts and have police records. I don't think I should have to have these kind of people up and down my street, especially when I am trying to sleep.

So, as we are all talking to the deputies slumlandord comes walking down the street from his renters place and two deputies go over to talk to him and they all walk back down to rental house. Of course slumlandord is acting like Mr. Innocent. A bit later the deputy and the sergeant come back and said the old guy was being belligerent and not listening to them. They said they had to get in his face and they think they finally got through to him and there won't be a problem any more tonight.  Woo hoo - the rest of the night will be quiet and we have to get up in 4 hours. As good neighbor commented to the sheriff's - there is a reason slumlandord is still letting the brother in law stay there (after he kicked out the rest of the family). Because he's making money off the drug deals, too.

The sheriff's said they would up their patrols again. Big deal.

47 more days until we are supposed to be able to get out of here, assuming the sale of our place goes through with no problems (haha - that is not our luck at all).


  1. Congratulations to your DD!
    Your DH is brave to deal with the riff raff in your neighborhood. I would be scared silly to approach anyone but I would call the police for sure.
    The slumlord has to be getting something out of all that traffic. Otherwise it just makes no sense.
    I hope and pray your housing situation goes smoothly and you all can get out of there. I know you will not miss it!!!
    Take care,

    1. Thank you Monica! We will not miss it one little bit. We went with our good neighbor on Friday afternoon to his bank to witness something he needed notarized and on the drive home he was saying he's sure going to miss us. I told him, probably not this Thanksgiving (cuz I'll probably be living in a camper), but he's still always invited to Thanksgiving with us :)

  2. Just wondering if your buyers were pre-approved for their loan? Hopefully they were & everything will go along smoothly for you. If they were not, then I do think it's smart for your Realtor to NOT remove it from the MLS so that other interested buyers can still come through - maybe someone that would be a "cash" offer! Nobody should have to live with all the sh*t you & DH put up with on a daily basis. I'd keep calling slumlord every single time you are disturbed by this renters. Like you said, if you have to put up with it, then he should, too!

    1. Yes, they were pre-approved (I have a copy of their pre-approval letter) so we are hoping it all goes smoothly. If they hadn't been pre-approved I would not have took it off the MLS, I would have accepted their offer as contingent on them obtaining financing and us still open to other offers.