Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One more obstacle hurdled

I called yesterday and left a message for that attorney I had spoken with about our lien. He had said he would get back to me this week with an answer. He called me back at the end of the day and Good News! He will be able to file the lien avoidance! His concern had been with the requirement that the "homestead exemption" had to be claimed when we filed bankruptcy and it was not, because we didn't have any equity to protect.  Well, he found out he just needs to add another motion to his filing to amend our bankruptcy filing to include the homestead exemption. This is all supposed to be done and gone by July 19th! WHEW! that is a huge relief. It will cost me about $1750, but better than $22,500, right?!

We have another showing of our home scheduled later this morning.  While I am loving this spotless home, it is a bit exhausting to have to vacuum so often! Having to be so on alert with my phone is getting old too. I'm not a cell phone person, haha. Honestly, I'd almost rather not even have one, but in today's world and with work, it's a necessity.

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