Friday, May 20, 2016

Muddling through it

We haven't had any more showings of the house since the 3 on Tuesday.  Pretty depressing. Maybe the weekend will be better, as more people have time to go look? Makes us feel like we are never going to get out of here. We feel like we are now just holding on to the tiniest glimmer of hope that the renters are actually moving out at the end of the month. Slumlandord says they are - that the oldest son (drug addict/dealer) and daughter will be moving in with grandparents and the dad and his youngest son (drug addict/dealer/thief) are moving in with a friend in a nearby town. I guess that tells you what crappy people they are - can't even go rent another place. The stupid part is the dad has a good job! He works in the industry DH used to work in and it pays well and he works 5-6 days a week. At the very minimum he is at least making $50k a year. There are still at least 2 other adults that live there and he didn't know what they are doing. I really don't believe it will even happen. I'm sure there is some reason that will come up for them to stay another month, etc or they will figure out a way to buy it from landlord.  We keep hoping we see them pull out with all their stuff. Like I told DH, if they do actually get out, they will wait until the very last hour. This is feeling like the longest 11 days until then, ever! I can't even begin to imagine how peaceful it might possibly begin to be around here, if they are gone. It's hard to even remember what it was like here before them.

I think DD will be home for a little while tomorrow. It's her BF's sister's birthday and they are going out to dinner with his family. DH found a bunch of big bags of free packing peanuts in a town near her, so they went and picked some up last night and will bring down with them. DH wants to keep the big trophies we have left over from son's racing days and figures big boxes with peanuts is probably best way to go to keep them from breaking during a move. We are going to try to get some big boxes from a local furniture store.

Our old cat went to live with DD last weekend! A big change for all of us, but she has wanted him (it's really her cat) since she moved out (but I wouldn't let her take him) and when we decided to move it was decided she would take him then. But recently, old kitty doesn't want to go outside much anymore and started peeing and then pooped in the house. Thankfully when he peed he just did it on the bath mat, that I could quickly wash. We do not want a litter box in the house while we are trying to sell (he's always been an outdoor cat) and since she was going to take him anyway, we decided it was a good time. He has adjusted really well. The first night he meowed all night, of course, but since then he has been fine and she is enjoying having him. He has no problem using the litter box and she has a big sized bathroom in her apartment, so had a good spot for the box. My only concern is they like to be gone a lot and go away on weekends and he needs medicine twice a day for his thyroid. We just discussed that and if they will be gone more than one night, she will use a boarding place. Prices in her area seem to run $14-17 a night, so not too bad.

Next week is the 3 day weekend, plus we close at noon on Friday, so a nice long weekend. If we make a sales goal by next Wednesday we will get all of Friday off. Keeping fingers crossed! Four whole days would be lovely. It's not like I don't have lots of vacation time I can use (I have like 5 weeks accrued), I'm just kinda hanging on to all of it, waiting to see what happens with possibly moving as I'm sure I'll want to use quite a bit then.

No real plans for this weekend. I do need to get some dog food and just found out there is a new Tractor Supply store closer than the one I have been going to, so that is handy. It's over near the Home Depot I go to all the time, so while we have to be out of the house tomorrow morning for the showing, we'll run over there and I'll get the food. Gives us something to do for that 45 minutes we have to be gone.  It's supposed to rain all weekend, so it's sounding like a weekend to just stay inside and watch movies and tv shows on netflix. I will have to do some light cleaning - dust and vacuuming, of course.

I'm having to start taking my acid reflux medication daily again. I've been having terrible reflux this week. Stress? 

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