Saturday, May 28, 2016

I'm ready for this ride to be over

Our realtor sent me a message late this afternoon that said "rumor has it an offer is on it's way - stay tuned!!". Apparently it's from the ones who toured last night. But, that's what she said last weekend, too, and then it never panned out. This roller coaster ride is so fun.....ya, right!

DH was finally able to fix our very squeaky living room floor. It's been squeaking for several years, now, just gradually getting worse and driving us nuts. He tried to fix it from above, inside the house and that seemed to help at first but then shortly it was right back to where it was. Today he finally crawled under the house, while I stood in the living room and made it squeak. Turns out it was the metal beams underneath (manuf. home) rubbing against some metal brackets. He (re-screwed) them all down (it's been 27 years we've lived here now) and just in a couple of spots, there is still a tiny squeak, but more over by the sofa, not where someone walks through the room to another room. We can live with that and feel so much better about showing the house now. I know if I was looking at a house and the floor squeaked that bad, it would be a big turn off to me.  DH was literally covered in dust and dirt when he came out from under and good thing he wore a little face mask, too. But, it really didn't take him long, maybe 20 minutes to fix, so very worth the time and effort.

We will probably go ahead and replace the hot water heater soon, too, if we get no offer this weekend. It's really old and it's something we were going to replace this spring, even if we hadn't decided to sell. Better to replace before it goes bad, then deal with a big leak when it does (as happened with the one we had for years prior).

Our weather this weekend is gray and dreary. I just wish it would rain - lawn still needs it as well as all the plants and flowers. I keep looking at the weather forecast and the rain keeps getting pushed off another hour. Supposed to rain a bunch tomorrow too. Seems like our forecasts have been very off lately - used to be when the predicted rain, we got it. Now, most of the time it seems we don't get it or it's just a sprinkle.

DH was in our laundry room, taking off all his dirty clothes (from being under house) and I walked through the living room, thru the kitchen into the laundry room and said "didn't even hear me coming, did ya?!" That got a laugh out of him :)

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  1. I love the sound of old squeaky wood floors. Mine squeak. However, the metal against metal might not be so charming. This house was built in 1902, so a few squeaks are really expected.