Thursday, May 12, 2016

Got Stuff?

I've always known my DH was a bit OCD. Now I also know my DH is a hoarder. Yep, he is. He has not been able to get rid of just about anything and it's really come to light with this packing to move process. I honestly never paid much attention to all what he has out in the garage/shop and our separate large shed. I've known it's getting more crowded, as each year goes by, but he's so dang organized with it all, you don't realize it was hoarding!  Thankfully, it's not affecting the inside of our house. I guess his funny brain just knows that is off limits!

But, even with some things that are inside the house, that we no longer need or use, I am having trouble getting him to part with. I finally got him to part with a student desk that had been in DD's room at one time (before she had bought a different one at IKEA). He loaded it into the back of my car, but I didn't really have room to add the rolling student sized chair, so I put that in my car later, for another trip. Well, my stop at the nearby drop off trailer was no good - they don't take furniture, I'd have to go to the actual store, like I did with the desk. I didn't make it there for a couple of days and DH used my car to go visit his friend a couple of times......guess where the chair ended up? Back in our shop. He's keeping it. Oh goodness me.

Most of it, I just laugh at and tell myself he'll have more room for all this stuff in his new shop. But dang!

Today he walked in with 2 boxes of old dishware. One set was all the dishes we had used when we had our motorhome, years ago. He wanted it all ran through the dishwasher and then he's going to repack in his bins. The other set was my old dishes that I kept in case DD wanted them when she moved out. She didn't/doesn't. I told him we don't need to really keep any of this. Maybe a few pieces if he has to rough it in a trailer while the house is being built. I said let's just give it to Goodwill. Immediately I could see his face tighten up. He couldn't do it. His suggestion was let's save it and whether we rent something while the house is being built or a camper trailer, I can leave my good dishes packed and just use this stuff.......Fine.....(but still don't need both sets!).

I remember a few years ago I was cleaning out some things in the house to take to Goodwill. I had put things in boxes, as I was going along. One of the items was a decoration for Easter. I don't decorate for Halloween and Easter any more and didn't need it taking up space. He actually took that Easter thing out of the box and put it back in the cupboard! Eventually I just took it to Goodwill with other stuff, when he wasn't looking.

He has been able to throw away a few things, a very few things, that were broken, at least. He did actually get rid of all the old cans of paint. But it's just a drop in the bucket to all the stuff he has and feels he has to keep. I was messaging with DD and said if I die before DH, when he dies, she has my permission to just have someone just come and take all that stuff to get rid of it! Because that is seriously what I will do if DH dies before me. I have no plans to keep it, no desire to go through it all and try to sell it or give it away in pieces or groups (it would take years). Someone is just going to come and haul it all away and be done with it. I'll have no need for screws and bolts in every size, 100 plastic plant pots, every kind of tool there is, the list goes on and on. LOL.


  1. I accidently broke a "company chamberpot" (an antique chamberpot that was delicately painted - hence "company"). My Dad and I looked at it and said well we won't have to move it the next time we move. While I wouldn't recommend doing it deliberately, maybe, some of the dishes could have an accident (got dropped or misplaced).

  2. Haha, I've said that about various family members, but the hoarder/reseller in me knows I would have to sort through it first, just in case there was something I needed ;)