Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't do math when you are tired

It must have been lack of sleep yesterday when I was figuring out my March totals and not understanding why I didn't have more than $35 left, since 2 of my main spending categories went down. Well, I totally forgot that I have $300 in cash sitting in my desk drawer! I was backing out the $1500 in checking still set aside for the landscape project (still in limbo) but I forgot it's really $1200 sitting in checking and $300 cash sitting in my drawer (we had taken out the cash when we thought the surveyor was going to find our property corners) and  in my calculations, I had deducted the full $1500 from checking balance.  So I really had $335 left over at the end of March. Woohoo! That makes me feel so much better and I will go deposit that back in the bank today.

Well, all of it except a little bit for some new bath towels. It's really time to start replacing most all of them. We have like only 2 nice newer towels and I really noticed yesterday how terrible and thin the rest have become. I think we'll head over to Kohl's (the closest store - 1 mile away - without having to drive all the way to the mall) and pick up 2 or 3 and I'll try to replace a couple each month until the old ones are all shop rags!


  1. Well, it would be much worse if we were $300 short, right? :) Glad you had a good month!

  2. Very true Lena! In the old days, when I was so stressed out about money and trying to figure out how to pay all the bills, I would have (and did) make $300 mistakes being short.