Friday, March 16, 2012

hey, that works

I went to fill Dh's new prescription at Walmart (where they have him on file and we get all our prescriptions) and they were out of morphine and wouldn't have any until next week. Oh, ok - so I had to go back home to get Dh's insurance card from his wallet so I could go to a different pharmacy.  Once I got home I remembered I had a Target coupon for a $15 gift card with any new or transferred prescription. Sweet!  While I waited for the prescription to be filled I filled up my little basket with some groceries they had on sale that came to $16, so using the $15 giftcard I just got I basically got the groceries for almost nothing.  Plus, it only took them 10 minutes to fill the prescription - Walmart is always like 40 minutes. I just might start going to Target Pharmacy from now on.  I'll have to watch for more of those coupons and do some transferring :-)

Dh cannot get into the Neurologist for 8 weeks! It's going to be a long 8 weeks if his pain level keeps at what it has been the past couple of weeks. No fun.  He's also going to try going to my chiropractor just to see if that helps any. His insurance covers 12 visits a year with a $25 copay. I'll be calling on Monday to get him a consultation appointment. Regardless of his muscle condition, I'm sure his neck, back and spine are out alignment for sure. He's been in a couple of motorcycle accidents, car accident, etc in his early years and used to see a chiropractor in his early 20's.

On a fun note, Dd had her first tennis match this afternoon, so we are officially back in tennis season.  They lost, but did a lot better the second set. It's been rainy all week, but the sun broke out just long enough this afternoon so they could play.  She is supposed to play tomorrow in a "just for fun" match against a couple of other schools but rain looks to be the forecast.  Hopefully, it will be ok out - I really enjoy watching her play and she's moved up this year to "2nd doubles" team from "3rd doubles" team last year. Still varsity, which is great for her only being a sophomore.

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