Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday night

Well, I didn't get to about half my list (surprise!) but it was for a better reason than just being lazy. Dh was feeling a bit better today so this afternoon we all went to visit some family friends for a few hours.  I didn't get to make the fish dinner I had planned (and it sounded so good!) since we got home late and our friend sent us home with a huge container yummy homemade mexi-chili so we just decided to have that. But tomorrow will be the baked cod, rice, salad and rolls.  I guess there's still tomorrow for the rest of the list:

clean bathrooms
clean birdcage
go to library and pick up some books on CD - I didn't have anything to listen to all last week while commuting and it was BORING! I can only take so much of talk radio ~
stop at a couple of nearby stores while I am out - Target has soda on sale, cheapest around and I want to get some fresh fish for dinner at a grocery store (NOT something I can find at Walmart grocery, LOL)
get online and refill Dh's cholesterol prescription

work on checking out the coupon deals online - I've been kind of lax on this lately, plus the past couple of weeks there didn't seem to be much offered that got my interest at Rite Aid or Walgreens.
Read some more of the book I started

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  1. Hey, you got some done....and today is a whole new day!