Friday, March 30, 2012

March numbers

Today was payday, so officially the end of March for me.  Some calculating and I see that I ended up with a whopping $35 to transfer to savings this month. I look at the totals and charts in Mint and see some good news compared to last month.  Groceries/household supplies totaled $835 - down $111 from February.  Take out food was $146 - down $92 from February.  Gas was the same, which I guess is saying something considering how much it's gone up in the last 30 days.  Since my main expense categories were down, I'm not sure how I only ended up with $35 leftover.  I still have some digging though the details to do to figure that out. 

I may get an extra hour or two a month now for one of my part-time bookkeeping jobs. Not much, but a little will help.  We had a property management company handling some of the business bills and rent and we've fired them due to complete inadequacy, so I will be back to handling it. Seriously, how hard is it to put bills in folder once a week, review them for accuracy, and then give to me to pay?  I am glad to be rid of the company and the guy I had to deal with and it's easier to just do it myself.

I am depositing a $120 check from this side job (it's only 4 hrs a month on average) today and I will put that in savings to replace the $240 I have taken out for Dh's chiropractic visits, so then I will just have 6 more visits at $20 each to replace the savings withdrawal.  Dh had ordered a piece of equipment for the shop that was damaged so he sent it back to Amazon ($147). He said it looked like it had already been returned to them once and they just reshipped it out to him and didn't even package it well. He ended up calling the actual company who distributes this via Amazon and they were very helpful and he sent them pictures of it, etc. They turned around and sent him a new one for half the price.  I'm out that $75 right now too, but I should be getting the $147 credit next week, so all in all it ended up a better deal.  Guess it pays to complain.

Dh has been sick with a bad cold all week, which sure doesn't help how he feels one bit, nor help his mood. I slept terrible last night, with his snoring and restlessness. I finally went out on the couch about 4:30, hoping to at least get a couple of uninterrupted hours of sleep.  But, of course Dh wakes up around 5:30 or 6, walks out into the living room to ask me what I'm doing - waking me up - again! Hello! If I'm out on the couch it's because I needed some sleep, so how stupid is it to wake me up?! Some days I just don't get his thinking.  He does that all the time. If, on the weekends or on occasional evening I'm laying down on the bed, eyes closed, napping, he'll walk into the room and say "what are you doing?" I'm trying to sleep! "Here's your sign" - good grief - LOL.


  1. I think Jeff Foxworthy has his

    Be glad you ended up in the black this month....take the little victories you can! ;-)

  2. Lack of sleep GAH! it's awful. If I'm sitting around downstairs fiddling with the computer or whatever, nobody takes any notice. The minute I lie down upstairs for a nap, everyone comes looking for me including the animals. Sounds like you have the same problem LOL