Thursday, March 15, 2012

No job

Ahh well, the job Ds has been interviewing for didn’t pan out.   They were only willing to pay out a max of $38k a year – a far cry from what Ds is looking for (at least $45k). I told him it’s his very first interview, in looking for a full time position utilizing his IT degree, and he can certainly afford to wait a bit and see what else might turn up.  He also spoke with the IT guy where I work, after he declined their offer, and he also felt that was way too low, especially given the job duties and told him to definitely keep looking and hold out for more. He also said Ds should be able to find something in the $45k range, so I don't think Ds is being unrealistic at all.  Ds could probably pretty easily find a $38k job close to home that would be “easy and less responsibility” compared to IT work.

Something will turn up, I know, just disappointing to get our hopes up for him.


  1. Aww that stinks. I hope he finds something soon.

  2. I'm so sorry. But I agree, 30 thousand is way too low for an IT guy. All my It friends started at at least $45000. Hopefully, he'll find a better place very soon.

  3. How is the job market in your region? If it's anything like it is here, which is to say bad, perhaps the job would've provided a stepping stone for a reference to a better paying job somewhere else or even a pay increase with the interviewing company after six months? One of my kids is a computer engineering major and there is nothing here for him jobwise. He will have to move to find work.

    1. The job market isn't great as it used to be but isn't as bad as most of the country. We are under the national unemployment average. We live in a large metropolitan area, so there seem to be quite a few opportunities, especially in IT. $38k is WAY too low for this high cost of living area. If, after he has a few other interviews with companies, and finds $38 seems to be where they are at, then he will have to take something, but everyone in our area he has talked to who works IT says that he should keep looking, especially since it was only his first interview.

  4. Sorry this one didn't pan out. But take the good away from this experience and you have--
    *He now has interviewing experience under his belt, which will help the next time when they throw ?s at him
    *He knows that his compensation expectations are in the ballpark or on point
    *He may have learned something from this experience that helps him hone in on some area or specialty he would prefer to pursue in the IT field

    Just don't let him dwell on the negatives as for what turned out to be a negative result, I see only positives here. 8-)