Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tightwad Tuesday

It's Tightwad Tuesday again. I missed last week somehow!

I shop around once a year for auto and health insurance to make sure I am getting the best prices. I do not have Dh and the kids on my health insurance through work as it is morethan twice as expensive as I can get on my own for them, though I am considering now putting Dh on my plan at work, due to all the doctors appointments he will probably be having this year.  I have an email into our benefits provider to find out when I could add him.

I pay my bills online, so no postage costs plus it has helped me be more organized and I no longer have late payments. I don't know how many times I have paid late fees over the years, just because I was disorganized (and we had too many credit cards to keep track of!) not because we didn't have the money to send.  I'm still working on my late charges for library books!! I have $1.75 due now.  Every few months I seem to slip and forget to return books for a couple of days.  Maybe now that I have a Nook and use that as my main reading source, I'll have less books to forget to return to the library.

I get my magazine subscriptions free using MyCokeRewards points.  I enjoy flipping through a magazine to sit and relax but I wouldn't pay for them, so it's a nice way to use my points up. I usually get about 3 subscriptions a year for free.


  1. I pay almost everything on line, our health insurance is through my husbands work so I know thats as cheap as we can get it but I do check for car insurance twice a year. As for library books I keep them right by the door now so I remember to return them

    1. You are lucky that your husband's insurance is the cheapest you can get. I would cost me almost $1000 a month to insure Dh and 2 kids through my work. I have them on a private higer deductible plan that cost me $422 a month. I've gotten better about library books, I put them by the door as soon as I finish them. But every once in awhile I time slips by me and I haven't realized it's been 3 weeks since check out and I'm not done with them...