Friday, March 23, 2012


Dh had his follow up chiropractor visit yesterday.  Bad news - (I am not proficient in medical terms) - the spine at the top of his neck (the axis?) is really messed up. Dr has no idea what would've caused it or if it could be related to any of the problems he has.  And, unfortunately, the Dr does not know if he can fix it. At least he was honest and up front about that, but he said he would really like to try - that maybe Dh will be his "miracle patient".  He did get an adjustment yesterday and then will go back 3 times a week for the next month.  Dh said the Dr. almost had tears in his eyes when he was telling him he really wants to try, but he just doesn't know if it will help.  He's such a sweet doctor and has really helped my neck and back from my car accident 5 years ago. Dh is now the 3rd person I have referred to him and the other 2 still go see him.

I took off work a half hour early yesterday to go watch Dd play tennis. She and her partner won again, 6-2, 6-1. In fact, all the varsity girls won their matches, so they are doing really well.  We're a little scared for next season though - all the girls this year are seniors, except Dd and 2 other girls (who are below her on the ladder). Hopefully coach has some good JV girls that can move up.  Dd is only a sophomore but has already been told by the coach that she will be the top girl next year and have her choice of singles or doubles. The other girls have told her she'll most likely be team captain. Looks like we'll have to really get Dd into a summer tennis camp this year. We didn't last summer because there was just no way to get her back and forth every day, but now that she can drive herself it will be no problem. Her coach is always telling us she can really tell the girls who have played over the summer versus the girls who didn't pick up a racquet. Dd played a lot on her own last summer, with her brother or friends and I'd go with her too, but a tennis camp with someone teaching her more skills would be great.

Dh is getting along ok and trying to keep his mind off the pain. He has 2 buddies coming over today to take him out to lunch, so that will be good for him. One of his friends is already retired at age 53. He was smart, stayed in the teamsters his whole working life and was able to retire last year (well, that helped and the fact that his wife has a big high paying executive job!). The other buddy works 4-10's so has today off. It will be good for Dh to spend the afternoon with them - they will make him laugh a lot.

It's my 2 week grocery trip (either this afternoon or tomorrow morning) so I need to finish planning my dinner meals and my grocery list. I need to find some new dinner ideas. We actually had leftovers one night this week! Sadly, it wasn't from anything I cooked LOL. It was the great mexi-chili our friend gave us.

And lastly, one of our neighbors is moving out today. She is a single mom of 3 boys and got a scholarship to the University and is getting student housing for herself and her family, so she won't have to commute an hour and a half each way on the train anymore. We've been neighbors a long time and for the most part she has been a good neighbor - once she got her life straightened out and went back to school. Turns out she's super smart in science and graduated from the community college last year and got the full scholarship to the University. I hope she does well. She's a renter so we were a little nervous about who will end up living in her place, but she just told me it will be her mom living there now, so that sounds good!


  1. Oh, I really hope this doctor can help your DH. Keeping your family in our prayers!

  2. We just lost a great neighbor too, and it is a huge bummer. They were awesome parents, had 4 great kids who my kids loved to play with, and were extremely nice people. It looks like an older couple whose kids are already grown up bought the house, so a major neighbor downgrade :(

    Hopefully you have better luck with your replacement neighbors!

    1. I found out yesterday that her mom will be the one moving into the place. I anticipate a nice quiet new neighbor :)