Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday update

There is really not a whole lot going on here this week.  Dd is on spring break and Ds just started his final quarter for getting his Associates degree in computer network engineering. He only has 2 classes left and then he's done. One computer class and the other is an "internship" - where his is just using his current job as the internship.  He's still looking for a full time job.  He did do some computer repairs for someone other day and made $100 and then got an order to make some decals for a fellow racer, probably another $100 from that.

I have been beyond tired the past few days, hence the lack of posts.  Both Monday and Tuesday I'd get about halfway through my hour drive home from work and just want to close my eyes. I'm sure it's from the week long interruption to my regular sleep due to Dh's excessive snoring as a result of his bad head cold. It's finally getting a bit better, less snoring the past couple of nights, but I haven't seemed to catch back up on sleep yet.  I have tomorrow and Friday off - a little "spring break" for me - and hopefully can get rested up with the 4 day weekend.

Not much plans the days off, just haircut appointments for Dd and myself tomorrow afternoon and then lunch with my mom and grandma on Friday.  I'm also due for a touch up on the hair color so I'm going to do that later this afternoon, when I am finished working (from home).  I liked the darker color I went with last time and good thing, because I still have 2 boxes of it left (free with coupons). I just wish it would stay that color, instead of gradually just lightening back over several weeks.  It's a bit too dark at first, so that is why I decided to color it today - then I'll have 5 days to tone it down a bit with washing until I go back to work on Monday.

Well, back to my work day - I'm already tired!

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