Friday, April 27, 2012

April in review

My paycheck goes into my account tomorrow, so this is the end of the month for me today. April was not real good in terms of saving any money. In fact, I ended up $20 short this month, which had to come out of savings.  The bulk of the "extra" spending went to home improvement/repairs ($21), lawn maintenance supplies ($80), brakes, oil change and air filter on Dd's car ($163), clothing $(60 - Dh needed new shirts), tennis shoes for Dd ($38), new towels ($25), and doctor bills for Dh ($110).  And $240 for chiropractor That all adds up to almost $750. Ouch!

I really think the 2 week grocery shopping helped reduce my grocery bills. I only spent $886 and that includes $163 from last night's grocery trip - which normally would have come out of Saturday's paycheck, if I would have shopped Saturday, like normal. I just don't have time to get the shopping done after work today or tomorrow, so I went last night....But, being so busy, tired, and strapped for time, this should have been a "2- week" trip and I only shopped for one week.  I just didn't have the time to figure out 2 weeks worth of meals yesterday.  I'm afraid I'm going to get back into once a week again, but I'll try getting back to shopping for 2 weeks next week, because I think it did help quite a bit.

Fast food was back up at $212, but I know that is because of Dd's tennis schedule and having to go to watch her matches 2-3 times a week and getting home past time I'd feel like cooking. This should get back down some for May, I hope.

More than likely the upcoming doctor bills over the next few months are going to wipe out my savings/EF, but at least it's there and I won't need to be playing catch up to get those paid. And Dh will probably meet his deductible then (He is on a higher plan at $3500) and the rest of the year will just be coinsurance after that.  I could have put him on a plan with a lower deductible, but the extra in premiums offset the reduction in deductible, so it was a wash...and I'd rather take a chance that he didn't need to use up the $3500 deductible (as he hasn't most years) and keep the premium's lower, if I can.  Most years this has worked fine, but this year will just be one of those high medical expenses years, unfortunately.

My electric bill isn't going down as much as I'd like - it's just been extra cold here this spring and we've had the heat on quite a few days.  I'm really hoping for an April bill that is below $200, but I won't get that bill for another week.

So, I will try for a better May.  I'd at least like to put something towards savings!  I'm so close to $3000.


  1. We are on a higher deductible plan too. Thank goodness for EF. At least, you will not put any medical bills on a credit card!

  2. Ditto Lena, and glad you can put that on your EF rather than having to create new debt with it. That's what EF's are for!

    Though if I may mention something, have you tried making lazy-night meals? You know, for those after-tennis nights when you dont feel like cooking, why not have some crockpot meals put together the night before, frozen chili made, or frozen soup, especially since it's been so cold? That should cut down on the eating out and help you refill your EF.

    Good luck!

  3. You can only do what you can do... Keep on going & remember that even litte savings add up! It's been SO COLD here! We've had our heat on non-stop too! Brr!!

  4. I can totally relate to the food situation. Not easy to balance work, family and food prep especially if one is coming in the door around 6pm give or take. Kids have to eat LOL This is how my family ended up in restaurants every night *sigh* I just couldn't do it all, I was very disorganized and I piled the pressure on myself. You are far more aware than I was as to the costs of fast food and the financial pitfalls of not making a meal plan and I think that you will find a system that works for you!