Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up

Tennis season is almost over for Dd and maybe I can get back to a normal schedule of work and life. It's been fun for her second season, but somewhat frustrating too.  I can see a huge improvement from when she just started last year but the coach has been a bit frustrating this year.  She keeps switching around the doubles teams and who plays singles, which is not making for a very consistent team overall. Last year they only lost one match, this year they are only 4-4, not good.  Dd played yesterday with the girl she did pretty well playing the first few matches with, but then hasn't played with her for the last 5 matches or so.  It did not go well, as they were just not in sync with each other.  Dd is frustrated that this weekend they go into playoffs and she will probably be paired with this same girl and they really haven't gotten to play together in over a month.  She did get to play singles once, for the first time, and while she didn't win she did very well for her first time and liked it much better than doubles. We plan on having her do tennis camp or lessons this summer, which I think will really be good for her.  My mom even offered to help pay for the lessons, which is awesome and much appreciated.

I got two nice little surprises on a couple of my monthly expenses.  My auto insurance is going down - just $4.40 a month, but it's better than going up and then I got my annual notice on my mortgage escrow account. It is going down $30 a month starting in June and I got a $63 check on top of that!  I'm sure something will come up to take the place of the $34, but at least it helps some.  Now, when June comes along I'm also going to have to get tough and ask for a raise....I didn't get one last January because they decided to only give it to those who hadn't had one in over a year, but they will reconsider in June.  I will ask by the end of June, if nothing has been brought up about it by my boss, but boy am I going to be mad if I get turned down this time. 

Ds is still looking for a full time IT job.  His current seasonal job is just about over, so we are hoping something comes up soon. He did get asked to come in for an interview last week, but the day they wanted him was the one day out of all that he could not miss being at his current job - they had a huge job that needed to be done that day and no one else to do it. He explained this so the woman who wanted to set up the interview that he was available any day but that day but I guess they weren't flexible enough to schedule it a different day.  Like my boss said - if they are that inflexible it probably isn't a great place to work anyway and in my opinion, Ds NOT blowing off his current job shows that he is a responsible and loyal worker.

Dh went back to his doctor yesterday as his right arm and hand keep going numb.  (The 3x a week chiropractor visits he just did for a month didn't seem to help at all, unfortunately). He is now being referred to a specialist to have some nerve conduction testing done.  And he changed his meds a bit to increase the dosage, so maybe that will help too. The neurologist appointment is still 6 weeks away.

I haven't had time to read anyone's blogs the past week or so. I feel like I am missing out on you all! Hopefully next week I can get back into my normal routine.


  1. I remember when my kids used to keep me so busy with their activities. Then they learned to drive .... pressure off but it took a while for me to get used to not having to drive all over town LOL Good luck on getting that raise! And I hope your hubby finds some relief from his medical problems.

    1. Thanks Quest! Dd can drive and has her own car, which is a great help for all her practices, but we love to go watch her play her matches, too. I notice a lot of the parents do not come, but we are just not like that. I think she has more family there watching and cheering for her than all the rest combined LOL. Mom, Dad, brother, his girlfriend, grandma... I am grateful I have a flexible job/boss that allows me to be there (raise or no raise, I guess!)