Friday, April 6, 2012

Reconnecting with old friends

I received a Facebook friend request the other day from someone that was one of my very best friends in junior high and high school.  Just the message...I thought that was kind of strange, since we haven't had any contact with each other in about 25 years.  I mean who sends someone they haven't talked to in 25 years a friend request without a "hello - how have you been all these years?" message?!  But I accepted her request and put sending her a message about catching up with each other on the back burner (because sleep has been more important this week!)

But, in snooping around her Facebook page I see she now lives in a different state and then discovered something pretty funny - she is in a relationship with a guy that was my boyfriend in high school! What are the odds of that happening, especially since they both live in a different state than where we all grew up.

Then I decided today to write her up a message and was opening my "messages" on Facebook and see a message sitting in "other messages" (what is that?) where she sent me a message a week before the friend request with the "hello, how have you been?" message. For some reason it never showed as a notification on my Facebook page that I had a message.  Nor did I get the other message that was in there from someone asking me if I was the person they used to work with (I wasn't). 

So, I'm looking forward to catching up on 25 years with her.  I haven't searched out any of my old high school friends to be friends on Facebook. I haven't even listed my maiden name on Facebook.  About 4-5 years after high school I got totally fed up trying to maintain and keep the friendships intact with my 3 closest friends. I was always the one trying to keep contact and finally I just stopped - and not a one of them contacted me again....other than my very best-est friend - about a year after, I found out she was getting married when I got her invitation a week before she was getting married.  She had been my maid of honor just a few years prior and I was so hurt that she couldn't have even let me know she was engaged or be invited to a bridal shower.

Interesting that all 3 of them have searched me out now that we are in the age of Facebook.  I was happy to hear from them and happy to message back and forth a bit - and I tried to get together with one of them, who lives pretty close by, but again, I seemed to be me making all the effort, so I gave up - again.

I'm sure this latest "friend" will end up the same way.  But, at least I got to see that my old boyfriend ended up pretty much bald and a bit on the overweight side, LOL!

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