Sunday, June 19, 2022

Simple Sunday

The weather wasn't very nice yesterday, but most of my running here and there it was just cloudy and no need for a jacket or sweater. But about 20 minutes before I was to leave my mom's the thunder started. Then it started pouring rain. By the time I finished talking to the office lady the thunder had at least stopped but I had to make a dash for my car and got pretty wet. Of course, being a brand new car I had parked as far out as I could away from other cars. Not to mention their parking spots are really small and narrow so it's just easier to go park farther out and not try to squeeze in between 2 other cars. Today is only supposed to get to 62.

Mom was up on her own this morning. She did call me back yesterday morning at 8:10 to tell me she was going down for breakfast, so that was good. She probably forgot she wasn't feeling well, haha. When I was at her apartment (before I talked to the office lady on my way out) she mentioned her memory and she even said maybe she needs more help. So, I used that to mention the place across the parking lot and she was very open to the idea. If hiring the outside help doesn't work, I think it won't be too much trouble (well, other than just the move and coordinating it) to move her. I also hesitate on this place, because while they assist pretty far with the dementia, they do not do the "end stage" memory care. So that would mean another move at some point. There is another place that does both. They have assisted part and then a memory care unit, that they get transferred to once assisted living isn't enough. I'm kind of hoping hiring this Liz might work for her next level she's in now, where she needs assistance. Keeping her where she's at is best, if possible, as it's where mom is comfortable and knows the place and her apartment and routines there. If I can keep her there, with hired help, until she actually needs memory care then there would only have to be one more move for her. 

It's interesting how she can still have a phone conversation and "wing it". I happened to catch on camera when my uncle called her the other evening. She just chats away a couple minutes and if you weren't around her regularly or talked to her regularly, you probably wouldn't think much is wrong.

DD and her dh fly back home this morning. Then she will be over here next Sunday to stay and dog/cat/chicken/house sit while we go on our little trip. I am looking forward to that week. I have the week off, plus the 4th and 5th are work holidays, so I'll have 10 days. I'm ready!

I'm just kind of doing this and that today. I got my kitchen cleaned from the dishes I left in the sink last night, made some hummingbird nectar, took a shower, made the bed, gave dh a haircut. And it's only 10:15 LOL. Waiting for my hair to dry a bit and then I'll go outside and water my hanging flowers at the front patio. I also need to add some potting soil around the daylilies we planted along the front fence.

When I was at Target yesterday I had some time so I looked at their t shirts and managed to find 3 to buy. As usual most of all the colors I like they are out of all the medium sized, but I did manage to get a rust colored one, a dusty green, and a gray. Plus I only like v-neck so that limits my choices, too. I wanted to find some shorts, something like a bermuda type. Nothing like that. They were all really short. I'll have to look online.

We also need to replace a shrub that died. Typical for us. Seems like about 1/3 of whatever we plant dies. I bought 2 of this azalea type last summer. One on one side of front walkway, one of the other. One looks great and is growing. The other died. Why? so frustrating. The only thing dh can think of is that with how the underground sprinkler/watering system is it seems that side gets more water. I'm going to do some research and see what might be good to get that can take a lot of water. There are some different trees we planted like 3 years ago. Three of them. They are all still basically the same size. The two 6' maple trees we planted never did make it.


  1. We probably have a 10%-20% success rate with things we plant. This year we lost a huge amount of grass in the front yard, and I have no idea why. All I can figure is it was last summer’s heat, because I’m confident it wasn’t a water issue. We’ve probably planted at least 25 trees over the years and 3 have survived. A lot of those have been winter killed when we have been -40 or colder because a lot of the trees just aren’t hardy down that low, especially when young.I’m done wasting money on trees. I don’t want pine trees, which are easier to grow. I’ve had better luck with flowers, but have had years when come spring I find that all of one variety of those have died. It’s a very harsh climate for growing things!


    1. We have a couple of weird dead patches of lawn too. Do thinks it might be grubs that feed from below. We are trying grub killer and will see if the grass grows back.

    2. If grubs kill your grass, it won't grow back. It might fill in AFTER you kill the grubs if it is grubs. Does the patch of dead grass get larger each year?

    3. I guess we'll have to see if it gets larger and if he can get the grass to start growing there again. He put the grub killer on it about a week ago.