Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tuesday this and that

I was chatting online with dd, asking her how her weekend went. They had gone to spend the weekend with her dh's parents (they live about 70 miles apart). The reason for spending the whole weekend there was to help his parents go through his sister's belongings (she passed a few years ago and apparently all her belongings are in boxes since then), but dd said they barely did anything with it all. She was a bit frustrated. While she completely understands it's a hard process, dd is also super busy and felt it was just a wasted weekend, especially when she has lots to always get done on weekends - studying for her masters degree, taking care of her house/yard, errands, etc. 

Plus, just in general, her MIL is a hoarder, so dd doesn't really enjoy spending weekends there. Just too much stuff everywhere and dd says she gets home and feels like she needs to purge even more from her own home, LOL. I said I can relate. Now that I don't do clutter anymore, I can't stand it. It gives me anxiety. My dh's shop was giving me lots of anxiety to go in there, but it's much better now that he has gotten rid of some stuff and also organized it better. I don't feel suffocated when I walk in the door. There is actually space. DD said her dh was heading a little in that direction with not ever wanting to get rid of anything they have, and just throwing everything in one of their spare bedrooms, starting to pile up, but she said she seems to have him on the right path now and they've been doing a good job of taking unneeded/unused stuff to goodwill or putting in on the free marketplace page. He is liking their clean, neat home more than a cluttered home.

I have been in her MIL's home 2-3 times and it was pretty bad. Just piles of stuff everywhere. You couldn't even sit on a chair at their dining table. She had to move piles off the chairs and then move piles off the table. There wasn't an empty spot on the kitchen counters. Their front living room was full of boxes. DD said when they try to get her to even get rid of old boxes and empty containers, she thinks there is a use for them.  

I was seeing how much mortgage interest rates are climbing. Boy, am sure glad I decided to refinance last year, a little over a year ago. Got in at 2.5%. DD and her dh would love to get a new house or build a house, but not at these interest rates, and especially since they'd like to build, it would be awhile and it sounds like they will just keep going up. My dh is still constantly looking online at home prices, what's for sale, etc. Zillow now has our home at $1,050,000. Every so often he'll joke we should sell it and I say what - to have to go spend the same amount on something else? well, now if he says it again I'm going to say what - to have to go spend the same amount on something else AND have double the interest rate we have on this house?! HA! 

It looks winter-y again here. A couple inches of snow over everything.

Our old car repairs are supposed to be done, probably today. I guess the check engine light that was on forever had something to do with "actuators" (did I even spell right?) needing to be replaced. Once we get it back dh is going to list it for sale and hopefully it will sell quickly.

I have a 2% cash back credit card I always use, through PayPal. It has always given the cash back on the day they process the monthly statement. Then I just transfer it to my checking. I logged in yesterday to make a cc payment and it was showing like $23 in cash back available to redeem. What? It's not the 20th of the month. I went ahead and redeemed it. Logged back in this morning and now there is .63 from a purchase I had just made. Apparently now they are adding the cash back as soon as the charge goes through. I wonder why. 

It's payroll processing day.....off to it I go. Oh, and I got on the scale last night at lost 2 pounds. That doesn't do much for me, LOL, but if I can get to 5 pounds that will make me feel like I am starting to make progress.


  1. I feel bad for my daughter with both the supply of houses and the mortgage rates as she tries to buy a starter house. I can understand your daughters frustration but also the trauma losing a child must be impacting her MIL. It doesn't blend well if there were already mental health challenges, like hoarding,already present.

    1. I remember when dh and I got our first home - back in mid 80's interest rates were really high then too. We managed somehow, LOL. DD, of course realizes this is hard for her inlaws, but at the same time this has been going on now for several years. She and her dh try to help with her grief on a regular basis, so I'm sure after that weekend, dd was just a bit ready to be done with it.

  2. The mil can only be done with the hoarding when she is ready, especially if it is now complicated with grief.

    That two pounds is great! The rest can be added to it for a great weight loss.

  3. Hoarding is stressful for everyone but as the others have said, in particular in your MIL's case, she'll only be able to tackle it when she's ready too!