Monday, January 10, 2022

Spending gift cards

I probably spent close to 2 hours searching on Kohl's online for something to buy. I finally messaged dd and said just pick something out for me, LOL. I'd come up with a couple ideas. Like I want a new everyday table runner, but they hardly had any, like less than a page of them, and nothing I liked. Ok how about a spoon rest. Nope. Ok, how about a new throw blanket for the back of the sofa that is more summery, to use during warmer months. The one I have I love, but it's very "wintery". Looked through ALL of them. The only one I liked turns out was more like a quilt material and not good reviews. Not spending $80 (even if it is gift money) on that. Finally, I decided to try a new pair of tennis shoes that have memory foam in them and 2 serving spoons. Every holiday meal I wish I had a couple more serving sized spoons. Now I still have $2.02 left on the $50 gift card.

And I think I have decided what to get with my $100 (or use part of it) Visa gift card from my boss. I'm going to get a steam mop. Every time I mop our floors (wood laminate in most and LVT in baths and laundry) I am frustrated and think to myself this would clean better if the water/solution was heated. Between dog drool spots and kitchen spill spots, if I want them gone I have to really scrub with the pad on the mop back and forth with lots of pressure, which just makes my back hurt quicker. I have found several online, with good reviews and under $100. In fact the Shark one is about $50. And no cleaning solution needed - just heats up water to mop. That will save money from having to buy the Bona cleaning solution to put in my Bona mop. I'm just trying to decide which one to get. Some also clean tile and are better to get into corners and this might also be a better way to clean our large shower tile floor. If anyone has a steam mop they like, tell me about it!

We took a quick trip to town yesterday afternoon to pick up a few groceries. On the way, as the road follows along with the river, we saw 5 or 6 deer standing on the ice on the other side of the river. Yikes. hope it was thick enough. DH was like either they are dumb or they know something we don't about the ice, LOL. We weren't at a good spot in the road to just stop and take a picture, though I wish we could have.  Of course they were gone when we went by coming home. I had planned to get chicken from the deli, only the deli was all closed up. Poo! Maybe they don't have it open on Sundays. But, over in their cooler case, they did have some cold chicken in containers, so I got that instead. Still better than having to make dinner, haha.

The carpenter guy just got here to pick up the free supplies dh was giving him. That's good - I figured it would be something like weeks or more, as most people seem to be around here. But, then I remembered he's from where we used to live - haha - we get right on things and don't wait. He also took some scrap wood dh had. The guy he offered the free tire chains to (like several hundred dollars worth!) never has picked them up. That was month's ago. I told dh I would just send him one more text about them and then try to sell them or something.

No snow in the near forecast and actually to warm up to high 30's and mid 40's this week.  

When I called my mom on Friday her cell went straight to voicemail so I called her on landline and didn't mention the cell phone either battery dead or turned off. I didn't call Saturday. I called Sunday morning and cell straight to voicmail, then called landline and it went straight to voicemail (which isn't set up, the message just says something about the party cannot be reached and doesn't have voicemail). WTH? I waited a half hour or so and tried the landline again. Same thing. Then I tried her cell and she answered it. She was on her way to the common area to sit and visit with other residents so I wasn't able to ask her to see if her landline was off the hook or something. At least I knew she was ok yesterday morning, because the app had told me she took her meds at 8:30, LOL.

Well, my boss is feeling lots better and back to work this morning and getting herself caught up, which means I'm getting tons of email and messages ;)  Back to work!


  1. I've had the Shark Genius for a few years - I think it does a good job and is certainly easy enough to use. I'd say my only complaint is the cord is plastic and stiff - not sure why that bothers me so much but ... I was able to get a few free mop replacements on our local Buy Nothing site, because they sure get grungy looking. I throw them in the wash (just with detergent - no bleach) and while I know they're clean, they don't look it.

  2. It would be hard for me to buy a gift for myself from the internet. I am glad your mother was okay!

    1. I have a really hard time spending gift cards for some reason.

  3. I have the Shark steamer and love it. I do my floor once a week with it and then spot clean with Bona spray and mop when needed.