Saturday, January 8, 2022

Productive Saturday morning

 It's been a busy morning so far. We were up about 7. Oh, then we realized our dog (who we realized last night didn't seem to be feeling well) had thrown up and had diarrhea in the house. Ugh. At least he did both on the hard flooring, thank God! Wondering if maybe he got into some deer poop eating. Hopefully it was just something like that and not sick from something else. We don't take him in for his lumps removal until a week from Monday.

So, I cleaned and mopped. I took a walk to the mailbox to drop something to go out. What a crappy mess our street is to try to walk on. Thanks young neighbor for doing such a shitty job plowing.  

Dh was getting ready for the carpenter/handy man guy he hired to come help cut in some accesses into the attic area above the garage. He was coming at 10 and showed up on time and he had gone to the lumber store in town before and got the lumber he needed. They know us there, so just sent the bill with him. I called and they took my cc# over the phone to pay for it. Good, saved us a trip to town to pay in person.

I want to make some snickerdoodle cookies from a really old recipe I have. I bet I haven't made them since I was in my 20's, but remember they were always very good. DD had made some for Christmas and while they were ok, they weren't as good as I remember my old recipe being. I want to see if they are as good as I remember, ha! I took out the 2 sticks of butter to get to softening. Always forget about that part. Plus, then the dough will need to be refrigerated. I'll probably end up getting to make them later today or might even wait until tomorrow. My energy level is great until about 1pm, then takes a nose dive the rest of the day.

We've got a bit of snow flurries going on this morning, but supposedly not expecting any more for the next week. Will be a bit of a nice break for dh in plowing and shoveling, which is probably a good thing. For some reason his hands have been really bothering him for about 4 days now. Says they feel like they are on fire/burning. He looked absolutely worn out on his face yesterday. He almost looked as bad as he did when he was in the hospital. Today he looks better, so that is good.

Well, I need to do some of my laundry today, so best get to it.


  1. Can your neighbor not see he does a shitty job plowing? I would think a man would have pride in how he left the road. I wish I had energy until 1 pm!

    1. I really don't think they care. I think to them they just think "it's winter, it's good enough" DH is out there right now trying to smooth it out a bit. It's like walking and driving over small boulders out there. Stupid.

  2. My dog has opposite issue and isn't voiding enough, so stinking up the place. I've fed him pumpkin and he'll be getting a bath tonight! We love pets but they don't always make life nice and create more work.