Friday, January 7, 2022

Pushing snow around

Gosh people are just dumb/unthinking/rude/lazy....probably all of the above. We have been getting hit with quite a bit of snow this past month. Young neighbor hardly ever plows. Whatever is in their driveway and if dh hasn't plowed down to the end of our street, where they live, they just drive on top of it. When Mr. Neighbor needs to plow and has to go to work, he gets up earlier and plows his driveway and his part of the street going out the the main highway road. DH does our driveway and the street in front of us.........AND for the past 3 winters has been plowing the street all the way down to young neighbors (he doesn't do their driveway, of course). They almost always do not plow, ever. They just let it pile up on their driveway (gravel) and drive over it with their vehicles. 

Our street comes in off the main road in front of Mr's house and then curves and is straight in front our our house and all the way down to the end, at young couples. From the entrance to the edge of our property line it is a 2 car wide paved street. The rest of the way it is one lane paved and gravel on the side the rest of the way. (developer screwed the property buyers and didn't pave it double all the way down, like he promised the county he would do back in 2006 when he sold the lots). When Mr & Mrs had their driveway paved, they added the 2nd lane to their property line. When we had our driveway paved we had the 2nd lane continued on down to the other side of our property line. The rest of the way down is still one lane.

Anyhow, Dh stopped plowing all the way down a few weeks ago. Our little quad is just plain wore out! it's very old, bought used to begin with. DH happened to catch young neighbor on the street a few weeks ago, while plowing and neighbor was leaving, and told him sorry, no can do anymore. We need our quad to keep lasting us - had over $25k in doctors bills this year and can't afford a new snow plow right now. and it's too much wear and tear and overheating it to do the whole street. "oh ok....". 

Yesterday morning dh spends a couple hours or more plowing out our driveway and the street in front of us out of the latest round of snow. He worked really hard to get both lanes of the street in front of our property cleared off of snow, so it's still 2 lanes of wide of use. Why? well, because we need to get our insulation guy back in here and he'll be bringing his big trailer with him. He'll need as much room as possible to get in.

So, young neighbor apparently didn't go to work yesterday, so later morning/almost noon he finally decides to "plow" (after dh was done doing our part...probably waiting to see how far down dh would go....). What does he do?? Well, first he had his little boy on it with him, so he's going super slow. He wasn't plowing, he was playing "let's pretend we are plowing" with his son. Instead of going as fast as possible so the snow just flies off to the plow blade as you are moving (and gets flung on top of the berm, instead of adding to it), he's just "playing" with his son and putting along. No snow flinging off to the sides as he goes, no, it all just keeps adding on in front of his plow or pushing off to the side, making the berm even wider and the path to drive on even narrower. He plows it all down and dumps all the snow right in the area in front of us that dh had just cleared off, to keep our street 2 lanes wide! DH was so mad. Then he continued on down and at the entrance to our street (where mailboxes are) and he just left a berm of snow on each side, so now when you turn off the main highway into our street, instead of this nice cleared 2 lane wide turn in to the street (because Mr and dh always keep it all plowed off and wide) it's one lane to get in to our street now. The mail carrier couldn't even get to the mailboxes! Like dh said - who does he think keeps the entrance to our street and mailboxes all cleared off?! it just doesn't magically happen - Mr and Dh have to work too keep it cleared for us and them.

Like I said........dumb, unthinking, rude, and lazy.........and of course dh had to go back out there and spend an hour with his quad cleaning that lane all off again.

I got my December electric bill. All those grinch's who had to make comments to us like "boy, you must have stock in the power company" or "boy, wouldn't want your power bill" can go pound sand. The bill was a whopping $19.20 higher than December of last year. That's with all the (LED) lights and the inflatables. Gettin' more next year, LOL. Not to mention part of the extra $19.80 is our new air exchanger system down in our crawl space. It runs on electricity, when it's running. We didn't have that last December. And it was colder this December than last, so I'm sure our furnace has been running more, too.

I'm glad it's Friday. Somehow it's seemed like a long week and a fast week at the same time. Strange.



  1. It'd be kinda fun if your DH pushed all that snow back down to the neighbour's place wouldn't it - but better not go there right?

    1. tempting! Kind of like a wake up call. When you live where we do where there is lots of snow all winter (normally) and on a private road that the county sure isn't going to plow, you have to plow. Sure would be nice if just once, dh would get a text just one time from the guy saying - hey - I got this one, today, I'll plow all the way down the street, but he can't even plow his own part :(

    2. I shouldn't say "can't". He won't. He has a better snow plow then we do and also a big tractor.

  2. I'm amazed at how lazy people are when it impacts others and doubly rude. I think I would have been direct and tell him he undid your husband's plowing and needs to come back and plow both lanes. It's the truth and a reasonable demand.