Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend update

It kind of felt like a nice long weekend, since I only had to work a half day on Friday.  There was no construction going on, other than the next load of lumber (upper floor trusses) got delivered and DH chatted with that delivery driver (he's been here manly times by now haha) for a while.

DH spent most of the weekend organizing his pictures and videos of the build. He got behind the month or so before we moved. For the most part, it's a good, relaxing way for him to spend time and gives his body some rest it needs. He can keep his mind busy with it, but not have to exert his muscles.

Saturday morning I reached my arms up, towel drying my hair, and my back went wacked. It hasn't done that for years. It used to happen often the first few years after my car accident. I ended up spending the next couple of hours laying on a heating pad, which at least got me to the point I could move around, even though it was still a bit of a pinched nerve, mid back, left side. It's still not 100%. Weird that I haven't lifted anything heavy or done anything strenuous that I can think of.

So, the neighbors bark collar has been working great........until Saturday morning when he chewed it up!!! ROFLOL.  That dog is the funniest goofiest thing. How he managed that none of us have any idea. Looks like they either bought another one or used one of the lesser barking dog's collar, but he had one back on yesterday.

Speaking of dogs, we ended up giving our long coated black dog a much needed hair cut yesterday. He's got really long fur all in his butt area, and it has gotten totally matted underneath. We ended up just having to cut it all out. Took a while, but he's all cleaned up now and with his big bushy tail, you can't really see it all trimmed down much. He's black, but those furs are kind of white/gray and a bit wirey. DD has always called them his "old man butt furs" haha. After we were done we told him he was pretty and he ran around all happy.

We pretty much just took it easy on Saturday, especially since my back hurt so bad.  Yesterday we got outside for awhile and I helped DH do some measuring on our shed/chicken coop he's going to build. Then he sifted around through all the scrap lumber to see what he could re-use. This was lumber from when he did all the forms for the gate piers. He found like 7 2x6's he could use and a couple other leftover boards from the house framing. At least we won't have to buy some of it. If he can get the shed part done, then he'll have another little storage area to put some things inside.

I got a small check in the mail from our homeowners insurance on our sold home. $50. The annual cost was just about to be renewed in a month, so there was only a month left on this policy. I almost forgot to cancel it. I'm still waiting on a check from the mortgage company for what was left in my escrow account, which is supposed to be about $1200.

I spent a good part of the weekend reading. Read a Longmire book and then just started another one last night. I miss the Netflix series. It was one of my favorites to watch. Now, whenever I am reading Henry Standing Bear talking I totally hear it in Lou Diamond Phillips voice. I also watched a couple more episodes of Heartland. I'm so glad I realized I can watch it on Amazon Prime, since that is already paid for with our Prime membership I share with DD.

Up this week - 2nd story (well, 1/2 story?) building.  It's not a full 2 story house, so the upstairs is considered the 1/2 story, I guess.      


  1. My mother could move wrong, nothing strenuous, and be practically bedridden for two weeks. She could reach to get a glass on a low shelf or reach out to open the oven door and it was all over. She had a "ruptured disc" when I was four. I hope you get over your pain soon.

  2. Glad you're feeling a bit better now. I think you REALLY know about it when it's your back or your feet that go don't you. I have a couple of colleagues with serious back problems and it is horrible to see how much they suffer.

    1. that's the truth, for sure. My mom has always had feet problems and I've seen how she suffers. It's helped her a lot to get orthodics for her shoes and she pretty much just wears only comfortable support shoes now.

  3. Glad to read that your back is feeling better. Just curious about insurance when a house is being built. Do you have to insure it during the process, or how does that work?

    1. yes, we have to have what they call "course of construction" insurance during the building loan