Thursday, September 6, 2018

I'm caught up with what day it is now.

Tuesday the lumber package for the house walls got delivered and framing started. We sat down awhile with the framer, as he had several questions on our plans regarding various things. Ideas he had that would work better on a few items. Like some window sizes and heights.

Off the mud room is a tiny 1/2 bathroom (not really needed). We decided to change part of it into a dog wash shower area. Then this morning the plans changed again, LOL. We are going to put the little dog wash station in the laundry room corner, and where it was going to be will just be a bit bigger space for DH's gun safe room.

Upstairs, in my office room is a storage room. We were going to make that DH's hidden room for his gun safe, using a bookcase door. But, they got to discussing the weight and framer (this is the builder's son) didn't think this would work too well - anywhere upstairs. But, nowhere we could see it to go downstairs on the main level.  But, once we made  of that little bathroom into a dog shower and then took out a little corner area of the kitchen (I was going to put like a farmhouse hutch in the corner), we were able to add the gun safe room in that area and be accessed from his den/office room.

The side wall of the dining room had this huge 8 foot long window (plus all the front windows and patio doors)looking out onto patio/river view). Framer suggested a much smaller window, which would then give me some actual wall space on either side I could use to set a hutch, that I didn't have with the huge window.

For our master bath he wanted to know exactly what kind of "wall" we wanted between toilet and bathtub, that is in the plans. Short wall? Yes. But he's like "I think it might look kind of plain". Maybe a "fancy" short wall. I'm like what is fancy? LOL. In the end I came up with the short wall and then using a timber post beam coming down from the ceiling. That will help with the rustic look I am going for.

Two walls up!

I also just got a nice little extra $200 from my side job I wasn't expecting. I've been wanting/needing to make a trip back to the office/visit dd/visit mom type of trip. I haven't been back there in a year! When spring came we started the building process and it's been so busy since then. I decided rather than make the 6 1/2 - 7 hour drive, I'll fly and use that $200 I just got.  That's about what it costs for a RT ticket. It costs me like $100 in gas to drive there. But, I also figured, as soon as I told my boss I was going to fly over for a visit, she'd just say "book it and put it on the company AmEx card", which of course she did! Now I'll just save that $200 towards DD's wedding dress :)  I know she will want to go shopping when I visit, so maybe she will find something.  I wanted to plan it around when DD has her next 4/10 work week, because then she'll have Friday off. I'm going to fly over on a Thursday and get in around noon later in October. My boss will come pick me up. The office is only 6 miles from the airport and I will have Thursday afternoon at the office. It's our new office, I have not seen in person yet.  Then when DD gets off work, she will drive down and pick me up and I'll spend the weekend with her until I fly back Sunday at 6pm. I'm excited to see everyone.

After we had dinner last night I was soo tired. Felt like I could barely keep my eyes open. I laid down on the bed to take a nap at 6pm, while DH worked on his photos/videos/drone pics and videos. I totally zonked out for 2 hours.  Then of course I was not tired for my usual 9-ish bedtime. I read until 9:45, but still had a bit of trouble falling asleep. Hopefully, I won't need a nap tonight.


  1. Take out the gun safe and hidden room NOW and delete this. People read this that you do not know. A guy went out of town and all his guns were stolen!

  2. Everyone with a dog should have a dog bath, especially if that person is building. Put a mirror over the door that will not hold a bookcase. I am glad your house is finally started.

  3. That was good of your boss to put your trip on the company account - they must appreciate you. And my gosh, I don't think I have ever gone to bed at 9 p.m. 11 p.m. would be an early night for me. No wonder I am permanently exhausted I guess.

    1. my boss/company is the best. I've always gone to bed early. I just run out of energy LOL. I can't have caffeine, so I don't get to have a coffee or soda to help keep we awake like a lot of people do