Thursday, September 27, 2018

Mom to the rescue

My first of the morning text from DD was asking me how she gets a copy of her W-2 from when she worked at the restaurant during high school. The company she is going to go work for is performing her background check (fairly extensive, since they do a lot of gov't contracts) and of course none of the managers working at the restaurant (it's a small chain) now were there 4 years ago. I told her to call their corporate office, they would have records there, get the name and ph# to give to her new company. Then she said she also can just scan them copies of her W-2's as proof she worked there.

Well, since I did her tax returns, I most likely also still have her w-2s......ya, ok....probably in a box somewhere..but I knew I had some tax return folders in one of my desk drawers, so I dug through and found both years. Yay! I scanned them to her and now she should be good to go on that part. Mom saves the day :)  Well, I at least saved her some time and headache.

We gave the fence guy a deposit last week on doing the fence. He was supposed to show up yesterday and drop off fencing. Of course a no show. Just shaking my head. At least a phone call or email would have been nice. So tired of giving people money and then once they have it, the timeline to get things done changes. I think at this point we are going to start telling contractors who want a deposit they can have it on the first day they show up. We had used this guy to fence our house in town, so figured he was good for his word to show up when he said he would.

I guess the two other framing guys will be doing some work next week, while their boss is off, so that is good news.

Our friend who lived across the street from us in town stopped by yesterday, so that was nice to see and chat with him.  He said he's talked to the guy who bought our house a few times. Apparently, the renter neighbor and his kids are already intruding on him. The new owner told our friend that he found two of their kids in the shop by themselves the other day. None of these kids is very old. The oldest is like 6, maybe 7 now. Friend said he told the guy to nip it in the bud with that renter guy really quick, or they will be there all the time.  I do not miss that neighbor one bit. Now we just get our neighbor's dogs visiting, LOL.  Much better, haha. And speaking of their dogs, they don't bark early in the morning anymore. Love neighbors that are considerate!


  1. When I was pregnant the first time, we lived in a neighborhood with carports next to bedrooms. These neighbors appeared to be trouble from before they moved in. Of course, their interior colors were none of our business, but every room in the house was a different color, like a crayon box spilled, hideous orange, vibrant yellow, lurid green...and on and on. They planted lots of cactus in their yard. AND, they chained a huge dog in the carport with a log chain. So, even when the dog was not barking, he was dragging a log chain across the concrete. Their kids rode their tricycles off our porch, just made themselves at home. So, I had dogs and kids, and the rude parents.

    1. UGH! No thank you, right! For those kids to go inside his shop, they would have actually had to open the fence gate and go inside his yard.