Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's too early

I'm not used to getting up an hour or hour and a half earlier than normal. This is for the birds! DH spends all day at the property, so I pack him a lunch. Yesterday I went back to bed for an hour LOL. This morning he slept about an extra 15 minutes, so I just stayed up instead of crawling back in bed. I'll get this post typed up before I have to start work in 15 minutes.

It was 2 young guys setting the boards for the foundations yesterday. DH apologized for them having to fix his goof on the shop. They said it was no big deal and really didn't take them long, because the excavating guy did such a great job that the "floor" is so even and smooth, they haven't had to dig or fill at all. They will finish up on the garage today, I believe, while the concrete is poured on the shop. One of the young men said he was just going to camp overnight in his pickup, rather than drive the hour or so back to city. (brrr!). He told DH he had some hot dogs he'd cook over a little fire. DH got home as I was making dinner, a tuna casserole. We decided to take some out to the kid for dinner after we were done. I put the casserole and some green beans, all still hot, in a container and then put in inside a warming bag I have that holds a bigger casserole dish. It seemed to stay pretty warm the 15 minute drive. The kid was talking to our neighbor when we pulled up. He opened the container and dug right in and seemed happy and thankful for the little meal :) When I handed it to him I said if you don't like tuna casserole, don't feel like you have to eat it, but he said no, it was great.

For breakfast, I often fix DH an egg muffin sandwich, so this morning he had me make 2 extra. One to give the kid that camped out and one to give the other kid that was coming back to work. I figure bellies with some food in them work better than empty ones LOL.

Well, time to start work. Lots to get done the next two days, before I have two days off. I think that's the reason I haven't bothered taking like a whole week off (other than last Christmas) is because I really don't want to deal with all the catch up work I'd have to do!


  1. Mama was always sending extra food to work when Daddy was a contractor. Daddy would eat two breakfasts.

    1. when DH worked he ate breakfast so early, that he was usually eating his lunch around 10am.

  2. It's nice to feed youngsters like that isn't it. One of life's pleasures, and I'm sure he appreciated it.

  3. That is so nice to feed them. I am going to bake an apple pie to take to my contractor the next trip I make to RH. I think it is just a nice way to show our appreciation. And I appreciate and respect hard working people.