Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trudging through Wednesday

I talked to my boss about some various things she called to chat with me about. The best news - we are getting a bonus at the end of next week! I'm not exactly sure how much, but I'm assuming the 5% amount. She was calling me from her cell phone while she was getting a hot chocolate at Starbucks (LOL) and it wasn't the best connection. She said even the other managers do not know it's being paid out. Nobody thinks they are getting it, since we haven't made the sales goal. Mostly she had to fill me in because I'll have to make sure money is transferred from our money market account to checking to cover the bonus checks....and she knows I will not spill the beans to anyone.

I did ask her why she thought our sales were down, given the booming economy there and we've always made our sales goals, except in 2009. She said we are having some issues with customer service quality, we are starting to get a reputation of being hard to work with and also with issues between departments. She said there was one job that was $150,000 and 25 people had worked on it!! That's almost half our whole staff! not to mention that is a smallish order! We have the same managers we've always had, but a couple more people in each dept, seems to be more than everyone can handle.

I'm also getting a $500 bonus from my side job, so that is great (last year it was $1000) too. Every extra helps, for sure.

Well, what do you know, the site work contractor guy who said he would meet at property on Tuesday actually did! DH is having him start with bringing us 6 loads of rock. We hope - Dh said he seemed a bit flakey, but said he could deliver either Friday or Saturday. We'll see. It sounds like this guy will let us rent his equipment, for this other guy (who operates but doesn't have his own equipment) to install the rockery wall. He said he doesn't know how do to rockery walls so wouldn't feel comfortable doing that part. Let's hope this is someone who can/will do the job. He's from the same county, but lives in next town west.  And the phone just rang from one of the paving companies DH had called. Said he's been out of town for 2 weeks, but is interested in the job. So, at least we are making a tiny bit of progress. We also found out this is the same paving company that paved our property neighbors place. So, we're making a tiny bit of progress this week, at least.

This guy also mentioned he thought the reason we are not getting anyone to get back to us is because they only want to deal with builders/contractors. Ok, that is understandable, but then DON'T tell us you are going to meet with us (twice) and then don't and don't even give the courtesy of a call. A simple "sorry, I only work with contractors" would have saved everyone a lot of time and aggravation. As it stands now when our builder gets around to using subs, you can guarantee we will not letting him use "H Co".

I tried the elk hamburger meat in tacos last night. Tasted fine to us. It must have smelled very different to one of our dogs. He had his nose in the air sniffing all over LOL.


  1. Maybe the dog is looking for the elk.

    1. which is funny because when we were in neighbor's garage and the elk's head was laying there on the floor that dog wouldn't go near it. LOL

    2. That dead meat probably was too fresh to roll He likes it "cured." Then, you put junk of the elk the next day when it was perfect for rolling around in.

  2. Congrats on the bonuses and the progress on your land!

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