Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dodged a bullet

We did not have to have dinner with the ex-sheriff. DH was confused because neighbor's brother has same first name as neighbors father in law....FIL is who was coming to dinner LOL.  And then they didn't even come. Her parents were in the city, late running errands so decided not to come. It was just the 4 of us and a very nice time was had. Good food. I brought a big salad, so that rounded out the meal: elk or deer chicken fried steaks and fried rice.  Her dad did end up stopping by after we were done eating. Nice gentleman and he and DH talked and talked, LOL.

My bonus check seems to be missing in delivery land...........sigh.  Of course. I had just assumed she would put the check in the mail from work last Thursday. Throw a stamp on it and mail it. No, she emails me last Friday. She was working from home and running work errands. She was going to send my check UPS (she thought that would get it to me faster) but realized they need a physical address and she only had my PO Box. I emailed back that just mailing it is fine, I figured it would take a few days to get here......or if she wanted to do UPS, here's my physical address. She said "ok, thanks". I figured one way or the other the check should have arrived yesterday. Nope. I asked her how she ended up mailing it. She doesn't remember! It sounds like she went to a mailing place that does UPS, etc, but she couldn't remember how it got sent, just that it was supposed to get here by Tuesday. I woke up this morning thinking if she ended up having them ship it USPS priority letter, and she used my physical address, then it's probably sitting somewhere.  USPS won't deliver to my street address. Sigh. Of course DH had told the rockery guy we get the money to him by the end of this week, thinking my check would be here by Tuesday at the latest and that gave us a few days cushion.  Even if she had just stuck the envelope with a stamp going regular mail it would have been here by yesterday. Good grief.

My vacation starts today, but I've already been working this morning. I didn't get some final numbers from my boss until like 6pm yesterday for some money that needed to be transferred from money market to checking. Got that done, then of course had to read my emails and answer one...ok. I'm done working now. Hoping my boss can let me know how she mailed this/get tracking, but she probably forgot to get the tracking as yesterday she said she had it at her home.


  1. Maybe the money sent to checking is covering your check for bonus? At least you did not have to eat with ex-sheriff.

    1. that funds transfer is a different issue. The money to cover bonus's was transferred from company money market to checking last week, before bonus checks were cut. Boss said she was going to mail UPS (she was at a UPS store) and put my street address on it, then the clerk said it would get there faster USPS priority so she stuck that label/postage on it - with my street address. But apparently it hasn't even made it to our post office yet according to the tracking I now have. I even went to post office to ask, and to make sure it will get in my box, since it has street address (they assured me it will). So much for priority shipping that was to arrive by end of day yesterday! My SIL mailed a Christmas card on same day, from same area, just regular first class mail and it got here yesterday.