Friday, December 15, 2017

Rock and Roll

My bonus check is on the way to me. Yay! We have direct deposit for our regular paychecks, but bonus checks are always "live" checks.  They were handed out at a lunch meeting with most everyone yesterday. No one, except the two owners and my boss (and me) knew about it, since we didn't meet our sales goal. My boss said a few people started crying, they were so happy.

We got the 13 loads of huge rock delivered,  though one load was smaller stuff, that can be used to fill in spaces. This morning the excavator is being dropped off and the operator will get to work! I can't wait to see it. With these big rocks, creating the wall will go pretty quickly, so he should get most of it done today and finish up tomorrow. This is just for the wall that will be on one side of our house. The wall below the back patio will be done in Spring, but I have a feeling there will be some rock left over to go towards that and we won't need as much in Spring.

One of the paving companies met with DH Wednesday to see and work up a quote. He's from the city (there are no local paving companies). He saw the rocks (and a load being delivered while he was there with DH) and said those rocks would be $200 a piece from somewhere in the city. DH didn't tell him what we are getting them $15-$20 a piece!  We had gone to a big rock/stone quarry place about 45 minutes north of us last summer. They wanted like $200 each there, too.

Just to give you an idea of what they look like! It snowed a bit Wednesday morning. Our neighbor emailed me and said what is DH building? a castle?!! LOL.

DH can't help himself not get involved with local issues. He's tried really hard not to, but when it comes to drugs he's having none of it. We live near what used to be a small retirement home building, owned by the county hospital. It's not being used now, as they couldn't make it feasible to operate. There was an article in the local (weekly) paper that said "they" want to bring in DOC (dept of corrections, from another county) in and use this building as a low level rehab for drug offenders (which 95% wouldn't even be from this county). OH HELL NO! A block from a grade school! DH was fit to be tied. Our neighbor friend across the field (this place is directly across the street from his house) got home from work yesterday and he didn't know about it. He was so mad too. Then DH talked to our property neighbor, who works for hospital. He said they weren't even told that the county "committee" brought in DOC to tour their building! They are totally against it, as well as he is sure the school will be too. The guy spearheading this? He's a defense attorney who lives in our county, works in the city. Wants to be able to work here, so hey let's bring all the trouble here, so he has some work and doesn't have to commute. Yesterday DH happened to be able to chat with the new sheriff (used to be the undersherrif) about it for a few minutes. His reply? well, so and so (the attorney) is a "Jenkins" - they own 3/4 of this county (so like no one else has a voice in anything).......DH was like I don't care what they own! LOL. So far this morning (DH is out at property) DH has called me like 3 times, our neighbor across the field from us has called me twice, to get the info that was emailed to DH about it this morning from our property neighbor.  Our current neighbor is on his way to the council meeting right now he said, to go on record against it. (I just saw him drive by LOL)

This is a tiny town. 800 folks. What a huge negative effect bringing something like this in would be. I don't care that we won't be living next door to it down the road. The "committee" is trying to pass it off as the county would make money off of it.  There is no money to be made off drugs and crime. Everything it brings with it, just creates more cost to deal with. The hospital owns the building and with them against it, I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen anyway. And shoot- with how long it takes ANY thing to get done around here, we'll be dead before it happens haha!


  1. Goodness, nobody wants to live next door to that do they. Well, in an ideal world it wouldn't be a problem because the addicts would get the help they need, but it isn't an ideal world. Good luck fighting that. Oh, and well done on the bonus - just in time for Christmas. Anna

    1. I agree it has to be someplace, but not in a residential neighborhood nor a block from a school. And it doesn't need to be in the county that doesn't have the issues with the drugs and crime! That city/county can deal with their own problems, not ship them off to our county. We moved here, to this county of only 4000 people, to get away from that crap.

  2. I'm eager to see the completed wall! Exciting to see progress!

    I would think zoning laws would prohibit a drug rehab so close to a school. I don't blame you one bit for not wanting it in your town, or neighborhood.

    1. I'm pretty sure this county has no zoning laws. LOL.We don't even need a permit to build a house! But it's sounding like there are a lot against it and we can let them fight it and just be a support, rather than us being the only ones trying to fight something (like before with our old neighborhood).