Monday, December 11, 2017

Rock on!

DH met with H Co guy Saturday morning. He even mentioned that he met with the people who bought lot #7 last Sunday! So, wouldn't you think he would have gotten a hold of us to meet too? DH is kind of thinking he probably blew us off (probably based on crap like the ex sheriff said) but then when DH started calling around asking other contractors and asking locals who to call, word got around that he blew DH off twice and then he kind of had to call. Guy is supposed to get us a bid next week. He said he'd love to do our rockery (something he likes to do) and said that is going to be really  nice - I'd love to build it -  but DH said well, I think I've already got it handled with someone else I got a hold of last week.......(ie - you snooze you lose!)

Later in the afternoon Saturday, never hearing from rock hauling guy (what the heck is wrong with these people around here?) he called him up. He called back said he would deliver a couple of loads Sunday afternoon and the rest on Monday. He finally called around 12:30 Sunday afternoon. We were waiting for the call because he wanted DH to meet him at the rock quarry to make sure what sized/shaped rocks he wanted him to load. He lives 5 minutes from the quarry - we are like 20 minutes. We got out there and still waited a half hour for him. But at least dogs got a good run around exercise while we waited. These are big rocks! Like 2-4 feet big. Boulders, really. When he got there with his dump  truck, DH was like I recognize that truck - it's an old truck that a company he used to sub contract for years ago (two states away!). Turns out he was right - this guy bought it at an auction where they were getting rid of old trucks from that company. LOL.

It was like 2:30 by the time we left the quarry and leaving that little town, where they have a little drive thru burger joint we've been to several times. I was hungry so we decided to make it an early dinner and get burgers. They are slow as molasses, LOL, so by the time we got our order and got it home to eat it was 3pm. We then drove out to our property to make sure he'd dump the rocks where DH told him to. He got there a little after we did. Said he was going to try to do one more load, but I'd be surprised if he did. It would probably be dark by the time he could get back with the load. But hey! at least we have a start on something!!

Then DH was supposed to meet a paving guy at the property at 10am this morning, for a bid. He called at 9:30 saying his truck broke down about 25 miles out. He was waiting for a rescue, so wasn't sure if he'll make it today, now. Maybe later this afternoon or tomorrow.. Ok, whatever. LOL.

I'm taking tomorrow off work. We want to go into the city and look at things like doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Get an idea of what we want, what the price range is for the quality we want, and hopefully that will allow our builder to come up with numbers that are accurate come building time. Our friends gave us the name of the cabinet place they used. They are on the way to the city, so we hoped to stop there first. I called this morning. Can't get a hold of the lady, so had to leave a message. Our builder recommended a builder supplier that has a showroom, where he gets a lot of what he uses. I called them too, got transferred to the guy he works with voicemail, so now am waiting on that call back too. I didn't know if we needed an appointment with him or could just stop in. What do you want to make a bet that when we are ready to head into the city tomorrow, we still have no call back from either?!

But, DH is ticked pink at the rock being delivered. The guy who will be building the rock wall said he would be doing it like starting Thursday. It shouldn't take him more than 2 days, and with the size of the rocks we are ending up with, it will go quick. But, it's getting cold fast here! Ground is getting frozen, but at least no snow yet or forecast this week, so hopefully we can get this part done.  Hoping to be able to post a pic of the rockery at weeks end :)


  1. At least, something is happening. Rocks? I thought you meant rocks to fill in someplace, rocks to drive on, rocks for just yard element, rocks for building wall, rocks for putting on house, rocks for fireplace--what? I am so confused.

    1. Rocks for 2 retaining walls. Once the land was leveled our more to create a building site for the house it created a need for about a 4 ft retaining wall along one side of house. We also will need one where our back patio ends and the land slopes down to a lower level.

  2. I am glad things started to move even if in snail pace. I hope, you will be posting pictures of your home building experience.