Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Universe conspires

Goodness! when the Universe decides to conspire against you on something you just can't seem to fight it.  This bonus check! OMG! it's still not delivered today.  My boss sent it via USPS priority mail. She sent me a copy of her receipt with the tracking #. It was supposed to be here yesterday. Tracking still shows it is in transit and has not reached the post office. Plus, to make matters worse, she used my street address on it. I drove over to the post office today and they assured me they will get it in my box anyway. Which, is true, I occasionally receive mail addressed to my street address and they get it in my box.

So, where in the hell is the package? So much for priority 2-3 day mail, eh?! Tomorrow will be the 7th day it's in transit. To go 400 miles! Their online tracking hasn't even updated it in over 24 hours now, where before it shows every 24 hours an update "in transit",  with date and time.

DH is freaking out because he had told the guy who delivered all the rock we'd get him a check by end of this week. Bonus checks were last Thursday. I figured I'd have it Tuesday this week at the latest. Ok, so plan B.  I'll get paid early from my side job. I'm the one who cuts myself a check at the end of each month. It's a flat rate, same amount each month. I emailed owner's wife, who is the one I have 99% of my contact with. I just wanted to let her know that is what I'd like to do for this check and get her ok. I know she won't have a problem with it, whatsoever, but I still would like her ok. That way, depositing that check, we're covered to pay the rock guy, until my bonus check finds it's way here.

She almost always answers my emails pretty quickly. Not usually more than an hour or so. Two hours go by. Then I have to email her about another question from their CPA's office. Finally about 1pm she answers my email question from the CPA. ok, now I think she'll be answering my "favor" email anytime now. Nope. nothing. I emailed her again about an hour ago, saying sorry to be a pain, but did she see my email from this morning. Still not heard back from here.

I just can't seem to get this resolved one way or the other, no matter what I try. And I guess my boss also included a little gift from her in the package.


  1. "The best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley."

  2. No kidding. I'm apparently not meant to get paid either my bonus or my side income, at this time!

  3. I was looking at my finances the other day and it looked like I would make my goal for the end of the year. Then, a family member neeeded money urgently in the neighborhood of 4K and I am not making my goal this year. And no, it is not a loan, I gifted the money knowing that there is no way for him to pay me back. Well, life happens. I just hope that nothing bigger or more serious happens.

    1. That's so kind of you! I hope your family member really appreciates what you did for them.

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