Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend relaxing

Boy, I will sure be glad when all this smoke in the air is gone. I'm tired of watery eyes and even headaches some days.

Saturday morning DH wanted to drive out to the property, just to see what the hills across from us looked like in daytime after driving past that night before in the blaze.  Our neighbor lady was outside watering her lawn and we talked with her awhile. DH had the house plans in the car so he showed her the page that shows what the outside of the house will look like and also the drawing he did on the back of the last page, laying out the house and shop and driveways on the lot.

She gave me a good tip she just got from someone - the telephone/internet company has new bundles and new cheaper rates. She called and said she wanted to lower her bill and was there a cheaper plan she could go on. She's now saving $20 a month and got faster internet! I am calling this morning, for sure.

We didn't do much else on Saturday. I took a nap, read some more of the book I am reading. What a long book, but good. DH listened to a race online Saturday night. He kind of wanted to do the online pay per view live broadcast, but when he saw that it was $48 and only showed the main event (which if there were no yellow or red flags could literally be over in 10 minutes), not the races leading up to it, he said nope. Not worth the money and he wants to save for house stuff.

We're pretty much out of groceries to make dinners, so I went into the city yesterday morning so I could do a stock up. Besides being more expensive, the grocery store here in town just doesn't have meats I like. I've tried them. We like thin steaks, which they don't have and I've tried their chicken breasts twice and they are too thick and dry. First I stopped at the feed store for our dog food and bought 2 bags. Then to Target to pick up prescriptions and used some more of my Starbucks gift card balance to buy a white mocha, which I haven't had in what feels like forever. Then I stopped at Staples and picked DH up another tube for house and shop plans. Then I finally got to Walmart - where by then it was 10:30 and pretty crowded. I had hoped to get there a lot earlier. Oh well. I got all my stuff and loaded up the car and got back home at noon. Unloaded and put it all away and had a bit of lunch. I was going to take a nap, but then DH went outside to do some yard work, so I figured that is a good time to get the vacuuming done. Then I took a nap :)

I finally finished the book we will be discussing in book club at the end of this month. It was kind of an emotionally exhausting book and I was relieved to be done with it.

DH has been working on landscaping drawings/ideas, so that is keeping him busy. He likes to draw stuff out. Dinner last night was a couple of steaks, green beans and some melon. While he was drawing I had started watching a movie on Demand and about 20 minutes into he decided he wanted to watch it too, so I started it over and we watched that until 10pm and I went to bed.


  1. Sounds like you had a near perfect weekend...especially the nap time part!

  2. What book are you reading? Never resist a nap you feel coming on.

    1. The book is called A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It's over 700 pages, story about 4 college friends and follows their lives into their 50's. I finally finished it (and I'm a fast reader) on Sunday night.