Monday, August 21, 2017

Any bets?

Weather in the 80's is so much nicer. I can deal with this much better. We haven't even had to use our a/c unit very much this last week. Tues and Wed will be mid 90's again, but then it changes back to 80.  I am just not a hot weather person.

Saturday morning I finished my house cleaning - got the bathroom cleaned and dusted. There wasn't much else to do. I had already vacuumed Friday afternoon and the two of us keep the house clean otherwise.  While I was doing that DH mowed the lawn. Then, as I figured, we were bored with nothing to do.  DH called the guy who had the rock we looked at for our rock wall, as he had told DH he had some other rock at a different quarry. We thought maybe we could find out where it was and run out and take a look at it, but he said it was on another guy's property and we'd have to do it on Monday, so that idea of something to do was out.

We set out all our stone samples we got at the mason showroom's. We had 7 samples and were able to remove 3 right away, once comparing them side by side. Then we got down to two styles we liked and are keeping those in mind to decide from. We don't have to decide any time soon, but at least we've narrowed it down.

Saturday evening we went out and when we got home around 11pm we turned the corner to our street and no one was home at the renter neighbors AND the old pick up truck he has always had parked (it doesn't run) out in front of his garage was gone. Wow. That was a surprise. He got home a little later (along with his girlfriend in her car) with his big car trailer and backed that into his driveway.

Sunday afternoon he started loading some things from inside his garage on to the car trailer - an air compressor and a couple of other big things. Then he hooked up to his little enclosed car trailer and backed that up to the garage and started loading stuff in it from inside the garage. We were sure wondering what the heck is going on! The wife never came out - we assumed probably sleeping since she works nights. Then after dinner-ish time he left with the enclosed trailer and was gone a couple of hours. Came back and started loading some more stuff in to it. Then he hooked back up to the big flat car trailer and left with that, but was gone only maybe a half hour. Came back without the big trailer and hooked up to the little trailer and left with that.  Came back (by then it was like 10:30pm) and must have loaded up some more and left again like after midnight (wife had gone to work earlier in the evening) and got home at like 2 am.

DH started a "pool" with our friends (via text) and with our neighbor across the street - joking $5 to make a guess as to what the heck is going on. LOL.  When we got home Saturday night we thought maybe that means they are moving.....but he was watering the lawn- so that doesn't make sense and then Sunday morning he mowed.  But when he started emptying out his garage yesterday afternoon the theories are back on. DH was over talking to our neighbor lady across from us and she was like "are they moving?!!" DH guessed the landlord told them she's putting the place up for sale and he needs to clean it all up/out. I guessed his wife found out about the girlfriend and he's moving out. Neighbor lady across the street says "again?" so apparently this isn't the first time he's cheated on her. Who the heck knows with this guy. Today is also his day off and he hasn't done anything today and he didn't bring that little trailer back him after that last load last night. 

Early evening last night we got a text from DH's sister. She and her hubby were passing through on their way back home from vacation and wanted to stop by for a visit, so they didn't get here until like 8:30. They were going to go another 2 hours and stay somewhere overnight, but we told them they were more than welcome to spend the night at our house, so they did that and left about 9am this morning. We stayed up very late talking all night, so I'm on about 5 hours sleep. Ugh. It's really going to hit me early this afternoon, I'm sure.  When SIL was leaving she said our house is so cute and loved how I have it decorated and said she's lived in her house 20 years and doesn't have it decorated as much as I do mine. haha.


  1. I really hope for your sake that they are moving out - seems like you've had more than your share of bad neighbours eh! Anna

    1. it's like the signs are pointing that they are, but then they water and mow their yard, which makes no sense if you are a renter leaving.

  2. My money is on them moving out. As bizarre as these neighbors sound, nothing would surprise me...even watering and mowing their yard! Lol

    1. he left for awhile yesterday afternoon (his day off) and returned with the small enclosed trailer. He was backed up to garage again, but so close we couldn't tell if he was loading or unloading this time. Kid's school starts next Monday....(not that they probably give a hoot about that). Maybe they think if they keep the yard up, they'll get their deposit back..Who knows! I'm sure we are getting all hopeful for nothing.