Thursday, August 24, 2017

Eggs, Neighbors and Rain

My neighbor across the street gave me a dozen of these pretties yesterday :)

We also got our internet upgraded yesterday. Phone company guy showed up just before noon. He was supposed to call first, but he did not. When my internet connection shut down, I figured he must be out there working on it, but didn't see him. Finally about 20 minutes later he knocked on the door and came in and set up the new modem that would handle the faster speed. We're not noticing a huge difference in speed (I mean c'mon we're only going from 8mb to 15mb LOL) but I do think it is a bit faster. I had hoped it might speed up my work connection a bit, especially when I'm transitioning between Outlook email folders, but there is still a bit of a lag.  It does seem faster for general use....Facebook, my email and websites I visit.

We let our neighbors (the good neighbors across the street) know of the new phone/internet bundle pricing, and it sounds like they are going to see if they can get their bill lowered too. We'll all just keep passing along the info.

We still can't figure out what the renter neighbors are doing. He got home early (well 6pm is early for him) last night and a couple of his friends showed up and they loaded some more stuff from the garage into the little enclosed trailer. Again, it was backed up too close to garage opening so we couldn't see what type of stuff was being loaded, but guessing something heavy since he needed help and it was making clanking noises. Then he, wife and kids (that's unusual too) all got in his truck with the trailer and they all left. DH's theory now is maybe they did rent a house somewhere in the area and were taking another load there. They never go anywhere together, especially having to take the kids. That would just be too much work/hassle for them (DH looked out the window at one point and the wife was crawled up in the back seat/door of the truck, looked to be setting up car seat, and the 3 year old was trying to climb over her and she outright slapped her!), but DH was thinking if it's a house, rather than him just finding a shop to rent for all his stuff/auto repair work, maybe that's why they all went.  My new "theory" (they change daily with these people haha!) is landlord gave them until end of August to be out......either way, even if they aren't leaving all their crap is, so that's good, too.

FINALLY! We have some rain. It's raining out! Woohoo! It's not going to rain for very long, but I'll take it.


  1. Those are pretty eggs. What will you do for entertainment when everything settles down? lol

  2. I will happily give you some of the rain Southern Texas is going to get! I think we can spare about 1/2 of it.

    Those eggs look gorgeous! We are seriously thinking about getting chickens. I mean seriously. We will see...

    1. I would even settle for 1/4 of the rain. It certainly was not enough yesterday. I love the colors and different shades of the eggs, especially the green ones