Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happily Ever After

When we moved last year we decided to find a new home for our two parakeets.  We knew there wasn't going to be an inch of space in my car (there wasn't) and truth be told, we never were really that attached to the birds. We got the first bird in 2009. As a birthday gift for DH. He was not working by then and home all day at his desk, so we thought it would give him some company. The bird was fine for a few years. We let him out of his cage semi-often and he'd fly and get some exercise and our yellow lab was the gentle giant with him, other then he'd try to lick the birdy to death, LOL. Then a few years later birdy started incessantly banging her beak in the cage. We tried moving her cage around to different spots, etc. Then we decided she must need a buddy, so we got the 2nd bird. All was great for a year or two and then she started banging again.  The other bird never got comfortable with us trying to sit on our finger or anything.

Anyhow - I put an ad on Craigslist and within hours got a message from this guy. He and his wife would like to take them, they had lots of birds and loved birds. So an hour later they came and picked them up. Within a few days he had texted me the the birds were doing great and a picture of them being free and out of cage (they let their birds be free around the house most of the time).

Every so often, he'll send me a text saying they are doing great, but I haven't received one for many months now. Each time I'd tell him  how happy I was the birds found such a great wonderful home. I figured he was done with the updates and I hadn't saved his cell# to ask him.

Yesterday I got the nicest surprise text. The birds (one male and one female) had bonded with other birds in their flock and the female bird (the one we got first in 2009) has had 3 babies! OMG! The picture of all of them is so great. I'm so glad they got such a great home (much better than ours LOL) with people who really love and take care of them so well.

The birdies got their happily ever after new home and so did we :)

Our birds are the two on the right, their mates are on the left and the 3 babies are in the middle....from what I understand it only takes like a month for the birds to grow. Not sure how old the babies are, I didn't ask the guy.


  1. Replies
    1. it made me so happy and my DD was very happy about it too

  2. That story has a really good ending, particularly as you say you weren't so madly in love with them. Anna

  3. Can you post the picture? I have never seen a parakeet baby or family. I am glad they are happy.

    1. I added a picture for you. There are some you tube videos you can find online to see what parakeets look like when born and the first few weeks