Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Odds and Ends

The snow shovel we bought last winter didn't last very long. It barely made it through the winter.  DH ordered 2 kinds online about 3 weeks ago and I was supposed to get an email notification when they shipped, but just realized yesterday we never got an email or the shovels. They sure took my payment though. I emailed yesterday asking for status and later got an email that they shipped them yesterday. About time.

I owed a $40 copay on DH's doctors visit. I set it up to pay online through my banks online bill pay. I got an email from my bank this morning that my payment was returned by the recipient. That's weird. I guess I'll just mail a check in. I was trying to save the cost of a stamp. Well, good thing I didn't quickly mail a check! Now I got another secure bank message saying sorry for the message this morning about your payment being returned, it was a message sent out in error. Your payment was sent.

The power company that services our property was supposed to have the technician guy call us so DH could meet him out at the property and get his various questions answered. No. The guy went out there without calling, staked it, then sent an email that he was done. So, DH had to call him to ask his questions. At least he got the answers and ended up with a yes to one of his requests that started out as a no.  Something about attaching the meter base box to one of our stone gate pillars.

I'm trying to talk DH into waiting on having the well dug. I guess they can dig this in winter (ie January or February) months. He's outbudgeting my budget for what we can do out of pocket (of course!) and he's going to have to either wait and have the well dug or wait to put in the rock wall. Both at the same time isn't happening, period. The rock wall he really can't put in in winter (well, unless he wants to work out in freezing temps). So, I'm pushing for spending the money I have now for the rock and waiting on the well. Can't do both at this same time and the rock wall is something he can work on now (and feel like he is accomplishing something). He found some rock he likes and the guy quoted him really cheap on it, delivered even.

DH is so weird when it comes to dealing with people/business's (probably why he was such a terrible businessman). So, he called the well guy for a quote mid month, got quote and guy said he was booked for 3 months, but it's possible he could squeeze us in at an earlier date. DH said no problem. So, now that he's thinking of delaying it until after the first of the year, he's all stressing out about telling the guy he's decided to wait. Who cares?! It's our money, we're the customer. We can do what we want. If he can't/won't (I don't see why he wouldn't) reschedule then we'll find a different company. Seriously, that is probably the only reason he's still considering doing the well first - because he doesn't want to call the guy and tell him he wants to reschedule it. 

ok, now we think neighbor has parked her car inside her (now pretty empty) garage. Probably where they put all the bikes and toys too. Well, for whatever the reason, it's all pretty much good now. Place is cleaned up and he doesn't work on his junk making a racquet all night anymore. Now it's like living next door to actual normal people, instead of a auto repair yard/shop. Guess we won, even if they don't end up moving :)  Who knows, we can't even tell if the wife and kids are even home, she could be gone for all we know now. haha. Guy got home at midnight last night. We know this, not because we watch, but because you CAN'T not hear him come home with his diesel pick up with no mufflers. And you CAN'T not hear him leave for work at 6:15am....but he apparently overslept this morning and started it up late and we only had to listen to it for less than a minute (compared to the normal 5-10 minutes of letting it sit there running).


  1. I have to admit I'm a bit like your husband when it comes to changing arrangements but you are right - it's your money and you are the customer. Anna

    1. if it was last minute, I would agree, but this guy is apparently so backed up with work he's booking 3 months out, so I wouldn't feel bad to change it. I'm sure he can fill the spot no problem. Someone who called after us would probably be happy to get it earlier ;)